Essay Politics And Warfare

Midterm Exam POLI 142K: Politics and Warfare

Due Friday, 23 August 2019, at 12:00pm


• The midterm exam is due Friday, 23 August 2019 at 12:00pm (Noon).

• You will be required to submit a digital copy of your paper to the Turnitin link on TritonEd. No hard copy is necessary. Please retain a copy of your submission confirmation, in case there are any technical issues with your submission.

• All responses must be 5 to 6 pages in length.

• Use standard formatting with:

– Double spacing,

– 11 or 12 point font (Times, Helvetica, Calibri, etc.),

– 1 inch margins,

– No more than 1 inch of space dedicated to title and header,

– No extraneous space between paragraphs or headers.

• Please include the number of the prompt you are responding to.

• Cite lecture and class readings where appropriate;

– Include a bibliography and in-text citations,

– You may use any standard citation style, (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.),

* Please note that all style guides provide a format for citing lectures.

– Please do not use outside sources,

– Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

• Please do not include pictures, charts, or figures in your responses. Please do not copy / paste scans of lecture notes into the text of your response.

• Please stay on topic. Do not submit papers written for other courses.

• You must turn your exam in by the deadline to receive full credit. Any late exams (even by 1 minute late) will incur a penalty.

– Papers will be penalized by 1 3

of a letter grade for each day late (e.g., A– −→ B+, etc.), – The system will not accept late submissions. If you need to turn your paper in after the deadline,

please email a .pdf copy to

• The TAs will not accept a screen shot of your document’s metadata as proof that you completed the assignment on time. In order to receive full credit, you must both complete the paper and submit it prior to the deadline.

• We recommend that you do not wait until the last minute to submit your exam, as you may encounter technical difficulties with your submission. Such difficulties will not excuse a late submission.




Choose and respond to one of the prompts below.

1. Explain six core concepts in the study of warfare.

2. Explain the extensive form of the security dilemma and illustrate it with three cases.

3. Explain the behavior of Austria in 1914 and the survival threat.

4. Explain the first and second premises and deductions. You must use illustrations from Fromkin.

5. Explain the short war illusion and its limitations. Must use Fromkin.

6. Explain the rational war choice. Must illustrate using Fromkin.

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