Models Of Social Justice And Models Of Democracy WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT

WEEK TWO, Lecture 2: Models of Social Justice and Models of Democracy WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT



1. Please choose ONE of the three questions below and provide a critical, analytical and systematic analysis of it. Please be reminded that contractions are not allowed and so are personal pronouns. 

2. Please do not copy and paste any source taken from the texts, lecture or online and use them as substitute for your own systematic arguments. It is not other people’s work the assignment is about. Rather, it is about your ability to systematically analyze a question using research evidence to support your arguments, not substituting sources found in texts, lecture and online for what you are asked to do.

3. Word count is 250 words. Works cited are NOT part of word count.

1. Of the FOUR models of Social Justice analyzed by Edward Greenberg: Classical Conservatism, Classical Liberalism, Socialism and 20th Century Liberalism, which model or models reflect more accurately the current situation in the US and how do you justify it? 2. In the context of the models of social justice articulated by John Locke, Adam Smith, David Ricardo, and Robert Nozick, how do they define equality of opportunity in America? Do they assume equality of opportunity to be the same as equality of outcome? Why? Why not?

3. What is the relationship between models of Social Justice and Models of democracy as put forward by the proponents of each? How do you link them?

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