Urgent: Cultural Analysis Of Urban Politics Essay

Cultural Analysis of Urban Politics Paper


2,200 words


From the Syllabus

All students are required to offer a Cultural Analysis of Urban Politics paper.  The paper must be a minimum of four type-written pages, single-spaced, using Times New Roman font (12 point), on standard 8½ by 11-inch paper, with 1-inch margins on all sides.   Students will submit their essay via Canvas.  The due date for the paper will be determined by the instructor with input from the class.



1.PICK an urban politics problem from the textbook


oThe cultural politics (or the political or social theory or philosophy) you see being used there (in the textbook) to define the nature of the problem, meaning (a) what the problem is and (b) the cause (or causes) of the problem


oAny (or some) solutions to the problem the textbook offers


oThe nature of the problem from the perspective of the other tradition of cultural politics students learned about in class.

♣Remember there are only two traditions of cultural politics at work in urban politics – at least that is what students learned this semester.  So, whichever tradition the textbook author is using, for this part of the paper, use the other tradition.


(a)What is the problem and (b) what is the cause (or what are the causes) from the point of view of this second tradition?


oSolutions to the problem that you can think of from this second tradition



Responsiveness – the paper addresses each component of the assignment: @15%


Comprehensiveness – for the discussion the paper draws on (or applies) the material presented in class and in the readings: @35%


Validity – in the discuss the material presented in class and in the readings are used accurately (as they were presented in class): @35%

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