Writing An Outline For Political Science Film Review (Milk, 2008; Directed By Gus Van Sant)

Writing only outline not an essay

1. Developing a clear and concise thesis statement (an argument) in response to the following question: Does the film have the power to transform political sensibilities?

2. Writing an outline for a five paragraph analytical essay building on a clear and concise thesis statement, including topic sentences and secondary supports.(Develop three (3) topic sentences that articulate the major ideas that will comprise the body of your essay. )

3. Identifying and explaining three scenes from the film text in support of the thesis statement/argument(Briefly explain your choices of scenes and how the scenes specifically support your thesis statement. Also, provide the exact time the scenes begin and end within the film text)

4. Writing an introductory paragraph for the outlined analytical essay

5.Using proper MLA bibliographic formatting, cite the film text

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