Analyze the strategic management practices of the three organizations

This milestone will allow you to complete the Analysis portion of your final project.

Analyze the strategic management practices of the three organizations. As you complete this milestone, consider the following questions:

Strategic Management: Compare the elements of strategic planning and the strategic management process that were utilized by the three organizations. In other words, how did the organizations apply elements of the strategic management process? What worked and why?

Resource Alignment: Assess the alignment of the three organizations’ discrete resources to the organizational visions.

Resource Allocation Decisions: Describe how the organizations’ resource allocation decisions were altered or guided by the strategic planning and management process. In other words, how did the organizations apply elements of the strategic management process to align resources to organizational vision?

Outcome Evaluation: Describe the qualitative and quantitative measures that were used to evaluate the program outcomes.

Best Practices: Identify the best practices used by the three organizations to increase the effectiveness of program outcomes.

Cost-Benefit Analysis: Create a cost-benefit analysis that identifies the costs, benefits, and risks associated with program or process redesign in the three organizations.

Constraints: Describe the constraints facing the three organizations. Examples of constraints include diffused leadership, limited managerial autonomy, politically defined performance outcomes for programs, and legal requirements.

Private Sector Techniques: Analyze the private sector strategic planning techniques used by the three organizations to address the constraints you described. Support your response with specific examples of instances when the organizations used private sector techniques instead of public sector techniques.

To complete this assignment, review the Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric document. see attached.

Access Textbook


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Required Resources


Textbook: Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations, Chapter 8

What are the elements that are necessary to have an effective vision statement?

Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between a mission statement and a vision statement in terms of the organization and individual organization members.



· Explain how seemingly inconsequential actions can have a significant impact when guided by a strong vision of success.


· What are the characteristics of a nonprofit agency and/or its operating environment that pose specific challenges to the development of an organizational vision?

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