Compare And Contrast Society During The Early Renaissance In Europe To Contemporary Society

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Research proposal

“Compare and contrast society during the early Renaissance in Europe to contemporary society”

In the fourteenth and fifteenth century, Europe experienced significant changes in history. This marked the rebirth and intellectual growth of Europe since many changes were realized during the people. Renaissance was the word used to describe the rebirths that occurred. Renaissance marked the time of significant changes in cultural, literature, philosophical, and art revolution in other nations in Europe (Kaufman, 2012). The change started in Italy and expanded to other areas in Europe. During the early Renaissance, the society had unique characteristics. However, after the occurrence of changes, contemporary society or the current society was developed. The contemporary society is also characterized by unique features compared to the early Renaissance. However, the two types of society are characterized by features that are similar, while others are different. This research is guided by a thesis statement indicating that similarities and differences between the two spread across all aspect of life, including the education system, cultural practices, and economic inventions, among others.

According to Guarnieri and Negro (2012), the difference in the two societies is marked by changes in the spread of knowledge whereby during the early renaissance society information was spread through handwritten forms. Renaissance left to the invention of the printing press. This also reformed the education system since in the ancient times, education was reserved for the rich people, but the rebirth led to the middle class and low classes are educated. This has led to early discoveries and the spread of information. Currently, society spread written material through online press whereby it reaches many people as compared to contemporary society. Renaissance has also facilitated the rise of Humanism. In the early Renaissance era, people were devoted to living a religious life. This was accompanied by fulfilling their spiritual purpose of life. In contemporary society, humanism raised such that people are now interested in filling their interests rather than religious demands. The modern society emphasize more on worldly presses as well as studied classic texts from scholars and philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato to obtain aspirating. People have developed an increased desire to travels and acquire knowledge (Kaufman, 2012).

The goal of the paper is to deeply study the two societies “to compare and contrast society during the early Renaissance in Europe to contemporary society.” To achieve this goal, the researcher will strive to meet various objectives, which include identifying characteristics of religious and cultural practices in early renaissance society and contemporary society. The study seeks to examine the changes in the education system between the two societies. The researcher will also determine the changes in the literature that have taken place by comparing early Renaissance with contemporary society. Finally, the study will investigate the impact of Renaissance in Europe over the years so that its benefit and challenges are identified.

This study will be necessary to all student and philosophers since it will enhance understanding of the contemporary by defining the similarities and difference of the two societies. This informs will also enable future production of the society. The identification of similarities and differences between early renaissance and contemporary society will be on help to society today so that challenges accompanying the changes can be identified and ways of handling the changes designed.

The researcher will embrace qualitative research method. The qualitative research method is appropriate because it enables the researcher to explore the topic deeply and gain understanding of the reasons, motivation, and opinions of the concepts and develop an insightful an understanding of the two societies. The researcher will use secondary data whereby meta-analysis of information from other scholars will be used to develop the study. The researcher will carry out an explorative literature review about the two societies so that all relevant information regarding the study. The secondary data will aid the study by providing information about the practices and lifestyle of people in the early renaissance time which cannot be identified through primary data since most of the people living during that time are long gone. The information obtained will be analyzed through content analysts. This method of analysis intends to identify essential content for the research topic. Therefore, qualitative research method will be suitable for the study and the use of a secondary data to understand the similarities and difference of the early renaissance society as well as contemporary society.


Guarnieri, M., & Negro, P. (2012). The Italian Renaissance: Transition from Medieval to Early Modern Europe of the University system and Higher Learning. Proceedings of 10th Jubilee of Wu Chien-Shiung,

Kaufman, P. (2012). From the Renaissance to the Modern World—Introduction. Religious, Vol 3, 1138=1139.

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