Discuss the threat presented by transnational movements and ideologies

Answer two questions only.  If you answer more than two questions, I will still only grade the first two.

-‘Assess’ means you need to evaluate the merits of the statement in question. You can agree or disagree with the statement. In either case you need to provide evidence to support your position.

-‘Discuss’ indicates that the answer should be analytical not only descriptive.

-Answers informed by a theoretical approach are better than just descriptive ones.

-Answers should be between 2 to 3 pages (double-spaced) per question.

-You only need to cite your sources if you quote them.

-You should only consult academic sources when answering the questions.



1-‘Rather than preparing the country for self-rule, the Palestine Mandate and the policies of the mandatory authorities sowed the seeds of the Arab-Israeli conflict.’ Assess this statement

2- Discuss the threat presented by transnational movements and ideologies, e.g. Pan Arabism, to the inter-Arab state system.

3- How did the oil booms affect the international relations of the Middle East? Your answer should focus on their impact on regional conflicts and regional cooperation as well as on the involvement of the international superpowers in the region.

4- How did the rise of competing nationalist movements in the Ottoman Empire before and during World War I contribute to its collapse?

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