Reading Empire Critical Perspectives on Global Politics

Seminar Preparation Week 3: Empire Critical Perspectives on Global Politics



Learning Portfolio Task 1

Complete the following reading notes for the essential reading,


Reading Title:


Read in Walter Rodney’s (1972/2018) How Europe Undeveloped Africa New York: Verso. PP 207- 244


Key Words:




Research Question:







Summary of Argument:









Core Arguments:













































Learning Portfolio Task 2


Watch the documentary on the online learning portfolio.

Watch the documentary Banana Land: Blood, Bullets and Poison (2014) directed by Jason Glaser and Diego Lopez.


1) How can we understand the events in this documentary through the concept of empire?












2) How are local groups in the film trying to push back against foreign companies?










3) On p 217 of the essential reading, Walter Rodney tells us the material history of Unilever the company. Can you do something similar? Choose a major corporation and trace it roots. Provide a short paragraph explaining its history, who owns it, where are the owners from, what else?

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