Religious Based Conflict In India, Comparative Understanding Of Gujarat Riot In 2002 And The Ayodhya Conflict

It is a ( 3000- word) research paper. Therefore there should be a research question. The details come as follow:

> How does the management of religious-based conflict of Hindu-Muslims of Indian state impact state political leadership’s gains and interests?

–>How does the religious-based and identity-based(Hindu-Muslim conflict) contribute to the marginalizing of identity in India

–> How does the marginalization of minorities’ identities become a common strategy in the religious-based violence in India?

To answer this question, both the Gujarat conflict and the Ayodhya Conflict need to be considered.

The concept of nationalism and the problem of religious fundamentalism in politics should be used.

The literature review of the articles should be put in the articles.

Attached are the important articles that should be considered in writing.

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