The Socialization of Politics


Assignment Due Date Format Grading Percent
Discussion 1: Political Coverage Across Platforms Day 3

(1st post)

Discussion 4
Discussion 2: Internet Elections Day 3

(1st post)

Discussion 4
Assignment: The Socialization of Politics Day 7 Assignment 10


Learning Outcomes

This week students will:

1. Recognize the effect public opinion has on political elections and elected officials behavior.

2. Investigate how different media sources influence different individuals.

3. Analyze why media influence is an important aspect of current wars.

4. Relate the term news management to elected and military officials.


1. To successfully complete this week’s discussions, read the following chapters from the text, Mass media and American politics :

· Chapter 4: Media and Politics in the Changing Media Landscape


· Chapter 10: Media Influence on Attitudes and Behavior


· Chapter 11: Elections in the Internet Age


2. To successfully complete this week’s assignment, view the following report from the Pew Research Internet Project:

· Smith, A. (2014, Nov. 3). Cell phones, social media, and campaign 2014 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Pew Internet Research Project. Retrieved from

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