Investigate and appraise the core ideas of each subfield of Political Science



According to the course description. “this course will focus on several key global challenges which include economic crisis, environmental decline and sustainability, food security, migration, population distribution, poverty, war, and urbanization.” In this module, under the heading “Social Impact” videos are embedded that include many of those issues and other topics. In this module the class will learn about environmental decline and sustainability, food security, migration, poverty, and population, along with issues dealing with global equal rights and medical care. The class will also study the global impact of the death of George Floyd and the protests in the United States and around the world.



· Identify, discuss and evaluate major historical events that have had an impact on and continue to shape civic engagement and political experiences

· Investigate and appraise the core ideas of each subfield of Political Science

· Identify and examine the influences of various disciplines – in particular history, economics, philosophy, environmental studies, psychology and sociology – on the study of politics and government, and vice versa

· Describe and discuss the roles and functions of principal institutions of governance such as the executive, legislature, judiciary and bureaucracy in various cultural and national contexts

· Evaluate the interplay between government, governance and key political or social issues in cultural and national contexts over time

· Describe and illustrate the various national, regional and global political systems around the world and the current principal policy issues faced by them

· Compare and contrast the roles and functions of inter- and non-governmental organizations in regional and global relations with respect to current principal policy issues

· Analyze and apply the major political theories and ideologies that have influenced political thought, structures and practices to contemporary political issues and situations.


· Protests against police brutality spread beyond the U.S. ––FFnqweOo

· Protesters gather internationally to show solidarity with George Floyd –

· The “bottom billion” – Paul Collier –

· The 5 Principles of Social Impact | Marian Spier TEDx Erasmus University Rotterdam –

· Sustainability explained (explained® explainer video) –

· What Is Sustainability? –

· Environmental Degradation and Economic Growth –

· Is Economic GROWTH Compatible with the ENVIRONMENT?- Visual Politik EN –

· 25 Sobering Statistics On Global Poverty That Might Upset You –

· Which Are the Poorest Countries in the World? –

· Human Population Through Time –

· This Is Why People Migrate –

· Migration – Why do people migrate? –

· International Women’s Day 2019 campaign Theme | History & Facts –

· Women shut down streets of Spain on International Women’s Day –

· Our Thirsty World | National Geographic –

· The World’s Largest Desalination Plant, Magtaa (Algeria) –

· The World’s First Malaria Vaccine Gets a Shot in Africa | Sci Show News –

· Hacking hunger: How to survive in a food desert –

· What is A Food Desert? –

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