National Security

500 words, APA format. Read the resources below.



Topic: China: An Emerging or Already Great Power?

Thread Prompt: This readings and presentations have emphasized other national strategies that include missile defense, cyber, WMD, and the National Defense Strategy (NDS). For this discussion board assignment, discuss why you believe China is an emerging or already great power. Then give at minimum of one good example from at least two different strategies (e.g. NSS, NDS, NPR, MDR) where the U.S. is poised to move forward to address or mitigate China’s strategies, power or threats.  Finally, give one example of a national strategy that needs a major overhaul with rationale due to your view of China–as an emerging or already great power. You must provide a complete reference list of all 3–5 sources/references plus the Bible (or Christian worldview source) at the end of your thread.




Read the resources below and cite them in your references, you can add additional resources online. APA format.











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