Report – American Revolution

Report #1: American Revolution

Before beginning this assignment, make certain that you have read Chapter 2 in your text (“The Constitution”), read the 2017 New Yorker article by Adam Gopnik titled, “We Could have Been Canada,” and watched the hour-long CSPAN video “American Revolutions” (links provided below). Then write a brief report that contains three separate sections that address all the points in each set of questions. Notice the expected word count for each section (exceeding the word count will not negatively affect your grade, but please try to stay within the range).

1. Using the chapter on “The Constitution” from your text, describe aspects of the intellectual thinking of the times, underlying conditions, and inciting events that led to the American Revolution. (approximately 150-200 words)

2. The author of “We Could have Been Canada” takes issue with the mainstream view of the American Revolution as a colonial rebellion by citing new scholarship that paints a different picture. Describe some of these alternative perspectives. What insight do they provide that might make one re-consider the traditional understanding of the American Revolution? (approximately 150-200 words)

3. Watch the CSPAN video by Alan Taylor that discusses his book. List and describe two or three interesting aspects of the American Revolution he discusses that you found particularly insightful or interesting. (approximately 150-200 words)

Be careful not to plagiarize. If you want to quote directly, do so using quotation marks (giving the page number if available). But try to do this sparingly and simply use your own words in addressing the questions. In your writing, use an analytical tone that is free of your personal opinions. In other words, try to answer the questions in a straightforward and objective manner. When you are done, save the document as a Word file or as an Adobe PDF file (it cannot be Google docs, etc.) and upload it through Moodle (these parts are very important!). Papers not uploaded by the deadline will receive a grade penalty. WARNING: This is an individual assignment and you are to do your own work. Use of another person’s words without proper citation or copying from another student’s paper is considered plagiarism. All papers are checked and retained in a plagiarism software program to identify cheating. Any suspicion of plagiarism or other violations of the university’s academic conduct policies are turned over to the Dean of Students. Links to the article and video: New Yorker Article: “We Could Have Been Canada” CSPAN Video: “American Revolutions”


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