Sharpening Your Theory of Change

Watch this video on Sharpening Your Theory of Change, then consider the goals of the after-school program the Resource Center is trying to create.

We know that the immediate impact of the program is to lower drop-out rates by providing resources that allow students to stay in school.

Thinking about the Change Theory Model examples provided in the video, what might be some long-term impacts of the program? Keep in mind the size of your program and other possible changes throughout the life of the program.


Throughout this course, you will be playing the role of a Project Manager working for the non-profit The Resource Center, an organization that serves low-income families in your community offering a variety of resources from emergency food to classes for individuals seeking their GED.

The mission of The Resource Center is to empower children, youth, and adults in poverty to transform their lives through work, education, and employment.

The overall goals of the organization:

· Increase education and employment opportunities for those in the community living below the poverty level.

· Increase food security for families in the community.


· Increase the employment rate each year for those being served by the organization.

· Increase the number of adults with high school diplomas or GEDs.

There are 11 people employed by your organization, as well as a Board of Directors. You report directly to the Executive Director, who reports to the Board of Directors. Also reporting to the Executive Director are the Development (Fundraising) Director, the Program Director, the Volunteer Director, and the Finance and Human Resources Director. Each of these directors has employees reporting to them as well: The Event Coordinator reports to the Development Director; the Program Coordinator reports to the Program Director; the Volunteer Coordinator reports to the Volunteer Director; and the Finance HR Coordinators both report to the Human Resources Director. The last person in the organization is the Executive Director’s Executive assistant.You can see a chart version of this organizational hierarchy below:

· Resource Center Org Chart [PNG] .

For each of the assignments you will approach as the Project Manager for The Resource Center keeping in mind all of the information provided about the organization and the people you work with.

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