The Role Of Media In Influencing Government And The Public


You are attending an international journalist event and have been chosen to give a presentation of the roles of the media in influencing the government and its citizens.

Identify and describe the possible roles of the media in influencing the government and its citizens using specific descriptive examples.

Please create a PowerPoint presentation to assist you in your presentation.

As you complete your presentation, be sure to:

● Use speaker’s notes with in-text citations to expand upon the bullet point main ideas on your slides, making references to research and theory with citation.

● Proof your work

● Use visuals (pictures, narration, graphs, etc.) to compliment the text in your presentation and to reinforce your content.

●Do not just write a paper and copy chunks of it into each slide. Treat this as if you were going to give this presentation live.

Presentation Requirements (APA format) 

Length: 8 substantive slides (excluding cover and references slides)

Title and introduction slide required

Font should not be smaller than size 16-point

Parenthetical in-text citations included and formatted in APA style

References slide (a minimum of 2 outside scholarly sources plus the textbook and/or the weekly lesson for each course outcome)

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