The UN As Global Police Force And Negotiation Facilitator

Complete the Midterm Exam by composing a 6-page research-based essay response to the prompt below, The assignment must be in current APA format. Font 12 New times Roman

Essay Theme: The UN as global police force and negotiation facilitator

  • Reasoning with clear ideas and      examples in any manner you choose, whether separately or integrated, answer the questions bellow indicating      the limits and possibilities of justification for the UN as a global      police force or negotiation facilitator between hostile or potentially      hostile states.
  • Include the following related      questions:
    1. What is       the scope of its authority to act as an enforcement institution or       negotiation facilitator?
    2. What kinds       of international problems does it seek to ameliorate or resolve, and does       the seriousness of these problems warrant a global rather than regional       or state response?
    3. What are       its methods and instruments of containment, enforcement, or persuasion—how       does it get peoples and states to comply with its dictates or at least       restrain themselves?
    4. What are       the chief limits of its ability to act as a legitimate global police       authority or negotiation facilitator? Why does Mearsheimer believe that       international institutions like the UN offer a ‘false promise’ of greater       security than the current state system can offer?
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