Theory Report Paper

PADM 5381 Dynamics of Public Administration R. M Bittick, MPA, PhD

SHSU Fall 2018

Theory Report Instructions

You report pertains to our textbook, Theories of Public Administration. In this report, you are to identify the theory you conclude will help you best frame the study of public administration in the MPA program. This means you must explain how this theory will help you understand public administration by identifying the unit of analysis and level of analysis, assumptions and implications/expectations of this theory. Remember, there is no right or wrong theory in this approach. Only useful or not useful theories.

· Begin with the textbook, The Public Administration Theory Primer, by Frederickson et al.

· Explain one theory in your own words referencing the textbook and other sources you find in your research for this report. So, you need to research this theory and use other sources to support your argument.

· Contrast and Compare: explain the benefits or insights this theory provided in contrast with the other seven theories in the textbook. How do these theories differ and how do they overlap?

See the Report Outline on the next page.

· Points Possible: 100.

· Due DateWednesday, 05 December 2018 by 11:59 pm (midnight) CST-Texas time. Upload your Word document file in Blackboard.

· Length: minimum 12 pages in a Word document not including the Works Cited page(s).

· Format: Double spaced (1.5” is acceptable); 1” margins; PROVIDE HEADINGS AND SUB-HEADINGS FOR EACH SECTION AND SUB-SECTION OF THE REPORT! A heading is a title of a section of the report. A sub-heading is a title of a sub-section within a section of the report. The Roman numerals in the outline, below, indicate the sections, the letters are sub-headings.

· Font: Times New Roman or similar font, 12 pt.

· Citations: use the parenthetical method of documentation only (APA recommended; MLA acceptable). Be sure to include the page numbers as required by the APA or MLA style manuals.



Report Outline:

I. Introduction (1/2 page): Introduce the report and provide the thesis (this is your conclusion, that is, your argument).

II. Body (11+ pages) Provide background and evidence to support your thesis.

A. Explain this theory of Public Administration.

1. Literature Review

2. Unit of Analysis and Level of Analysis

3. Assumptions

4. Implications/Expectations

5. Extensions

B. Contrast and Compare with other theories.

III. Conclusion/Future Research/Implications (1/2 page)

IV. Works Cited


· While you may work with other students in a study group on this report, DO NOT have someone else research and/or write the report for you. Please do your own work.

· Always include page numbers on all of your reports. Also, be sure to have someone proofread your reports before you submit them to me. Some reports had too many punctuation and grammatical errors.

· Do not use, or other encyclopedias or dictionaries as references for this report. Do not use information from these sources.

· Document all sources you use in your report. If you do not reference your sources and provide documentation (i.e. parenthetical method of documentation and Works Cited), your report will receive an automatic “F” (failure).

· The Quality of your writing and the format of your report both count toward your grade. If I find it hard to read your report, your grade will be lowered. Be sure to use proper grammar, correct spelling, and format your report with clear headings and sub-headings. Consult with The Sam Houston Writing Center if you have questions or concerns in this area:

· The Sam Houston Writing Center: located in Farrington 111. Writing tutors will work with you at any stage of the writing process (brainstorming, generating a draft, organizing a draft, or revising a draft) for any written assignment. The Writing Center operates on an appointment system, so please call (936) 294-3680 to schedule a session with a writing tutor. Skype sessions are available for distance students, and a tutor is available at the University Center. See website for more information:




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