What Is The Relationship Between Economic Ideas And The Interests Of Political Actors Or Interest Groups?

Coursework Guidelines




Key requirements

Length: 2000 words (bibliography excluded)

=/- 10%

Question: Select one among the weekly questions on Moodle from Topic 6-10





Research question

The argument

Structure (Indicate how the rest of the essay will develop answer the question)

Main Body

Clearly divides in sections with sub-headings


Re-state the argument

(implications of the analysis)



The Literature

What are the main arguments that have been put forward by other authors to answer that question?

Identify relevant CPE debate

Organize the existing explanations in a coherent fashion

Try to incorporate in your analysis more than one analytical lens. Show you are familiar with the broad literature, beyond the one informing your argument

Have you considered all the relevant arguments in response to the question set? (Even if you believe some arguments to be weaker than others, you should still explain).

Avoid discussing literature that is irrelevant for the specific question

Read beyond the required readings and the lecture notes  consult additional readings




The Argument

Need to put forward and justify an argument in response to the question

Argument need to directly answer the specific question

Need to situate YOUR argument in the context of the literature you are discussing

Your argument can

Adjudicate among competing claims

Bridge competing explanations

Develop your own original explanation (difficult!)


Empirical Evidence

Use empirical evidence to adjudicate among competing theoretical arguments

Review quantitative and qualitative empirical evidence from existing literature

Possibly use of case study



Referencing & Bibliography

You need to cite at least 5 readings from the required and additional readings of this module

(but don’t limit your readings to these 5)

Non-academic sources are welcome but

consider the quality of the source

Need to engage with academic literature

Be consistent

Word count does not include bibliography




Each element of the essay that draws substantially from another source must be referenced. No matter if you translate it or rephrase it a little.

Self-plagiarism (drawing from previous assignment) is plagiarism.

Direct quotes need to be in “…” and with reference, always.

Indirect quotes (i.e. you rephrased the content) need no “…” but still a reference, or it’s plagiarism.

Common knowledge statements (e.g. China is one of the BRICSs) do not require references



Things to avoid

No point to the essay; central theme/ thread/ point of the essay unclear throughout

Bad structure: confuses, takes away from your argument: be clear

No references. Fake references. References you have never looked at.

Purely descriptive – no analysis

Purely theoretical – no empirical evidence to support the argument

Discuss literature and evidence that is not directly related to the question

Conclusion not justified by the material in the preceding sections of the essay




How to get a distinction?

Accurate reading and exposition.

Excellent understanding of complex theories and concepts.

Very good ability to evaluate complex arguments and reach reasoned judgements.

Main themes and issues are clearly identified and thoroughly explored.

Argument is very well supported with accurate and insightful use of evidence.

Argument is clear, coherent and logical.

Very good ability to challenge received explanations of topics and controversies in social life.

Shows good signs of original thought, analysis and evaluation.

Accurate synthesis.

The content is thoroughly related to the question.

Material is very clearly structured and well organised.

Work is based on wide reading.

Essay is fully referenced and contains a well set out bibliography.

Written expression is clear and fluent.

Correct punctuation, grammar, spelling and paragraphing.

Accurately typed essay.

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