Describe a chemical-related safety or environmental hazard

Individual Case Study Homework 50 pts CHE 432 – Spring 2018

Choose one unique topic (different from your classmates) from one of the two categories below.

• Describe a chemical-related safety or environmental hazard that is related to your design project. Suggested content:

o Background of the process and plant o Chemical involved o What caused the disaster? o What impact did the disaster had on the local population, society, environment,

and chemical industry? o How a better design could have prevented such a catastrophe, etc.? o Example: If you reactor involves catalyst, you could summarize a CSB report on

an incident involving reactors using solid catalysts. Alternatively, rather than a specific incident, you may elect to describe a chronic chemical issue (e.g. acid rain, lead in gasoline, etc).

• OR Report on a current event related to chemical engineering and the social and political implications.

o Be as non-biased as possible. o Support the various views on the topic with information. Discredit non-logical

claims with information. o Example: Potential elimination of funding for the Chemical Safety Board in 2019.

(A House committee funded it in July of last year.)

If you have another topic which you think is interesting but does not meet these criteria exactly, please check with your instructor for approval.

• Write no more than 1 page of text. Use photos, figures and diagrams as appropriate (this will increase the page count if used).

• Scored on: o How does the topic relate to your design project or your area of interest? o Technical description and how clearly presented. o Clear guidance on how the topic could be prevented/improved in the future.

• Upload your file to Canvas by the due date.

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