Executive Business Simulation

LBPG5009 Simulation Referral Assignment 2017/18

The referral assignment (to be completed as individuals and not groups) has TWO parts (A and B) and you MUST complete both parts

Part A

“Reflection helps us learn how and why we have changed as a result of our learning. It can help our critical thinking skills and help us make connections between what we learn in school and what we see in the world and learn in our everyday lives.” (http://metroacademies.myefolio.com/efolio/reflect, accessed 19.03.13)

You are required to provide an individual reflection on the Group Simulation Exercise undertaken in Semester One.

Your individual reflective statement should consider four areas as detailed below.

Critically analyse the following:

1. How your team performed as a car company, and the successes or pitfalls of the decisions you made; (Should you have failed due to not contributing effectively to a group then you need to explain how you, personally could have made a more informed contribution).

2. The link between theories analysed on your programme, and the tasks undertaken during the Simulation Exercise;

3. How you and your group performed as a team, in terms of undertaking the assignment brief;

4. How the whole learning experience has contributed to and enhanced your learning going forwards.

You are required to produce a reflective statement in a typed report format, of no more than 1,000 words. It is suggested that the word count is split equally between the four areas. You must adopt the Harvard style of referencing where appropriate.

Part B

Campbell and Inagaki (2016) stated , “Some car industry executives have expressed concerns that if the UK struggles to retain good access to the EU single market after Brexit, then British car plants risk becoming uncompetitive, leading to lost work on refreshed models and, in time, possible closure.”

You are required to prepare a well-balanced discussion of the issue highlighted by Campbell and Inagaki (2016). You should refer to multiple sources and ensure that you follow Harvard Referencing protocol.

Part B should also be of no more than 1,000 words.

Campbell, P. and Inagaki, K. (2106), “UK car companies face an uncertain future after Brexit,” FT. Com, London, 13th July (accessed 15/03/18)

Submissions to Turnitin must be made by 11.59 p.m. on 26th April

Note that you are also required to submit a physical copy to the SAC by 1.30 p.m. on 27th April.


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