For “The GrAde” – Simulation Paper


Follow all the previous assignments on this literature review assignment.

No, plagiarize

APA format

Follow the Rubric provided and an example of this assignment. Which is provided as well.

A total of 9 pages including cover pages and Reference pages.

Must apply all the 5 references provided for a successful assignment.



The 5 references:

Brennan, E. J. (2018). Chronic heart failure nursing: Integrated multidisciplinary care. British Journal of Nursing27(12), 681-688.

Chaplin, S. (2019). Chronic heart failure in adults: Diagnosis and management. Prescriber30(1), 16-18.

Choi, H. M., Park, M. S., & Youn, J. C. (2019). Update on heart failure management and future directions. The Korean Journal of Internal Medicine34(1), 11-43.

Koshy, A., Gallivan, E., McGinlay, M., Straw, S., Drozd, M., Toms, A., Gierula, J., Cubbon, R., Kearney, M., & Witte, K. (2020). Prioritizing symptom management in the treatment of chronic heart failure. ESC Heart Failure7(5), 2193–2207.

Real, J., Cowles, E., & Wierzbicki, A. S. (2018). Chronic heart failure in adults: Summary of updated NICE guidance. BMJ362




Topic: In adult patients aged eighteen and forty-five diagnosed with chronic heart failure who are admitted to Inova Fairfax Hospital, is adjunctive therapy with medications and lifestyle changes effective in improving cardiac functional levels compared to medication only in a six-month period

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