Global Investment Management

1. Comment on the assertion that the business of business is to generate profit and to pay attention to sustainability is to be taken off strategy by a passing fad.

2. Show through examples how the practice of sus-tainable business is both local and global.

3. Drawing on your own consumption patterns, de-scribe the difference between cradle-to-grave and cradle-to-cradle design approaches.

4. Why is it challenging to measure how successful a business is practicing sustainability?

5. Explain how the stakeholder model applies to a specific sustainable business in your community or one you have learned about in the business press or a class discussion.

6. Of the 38 nations the United Nations identifies as the least developed in the world, 16 are landlocked. How might being landlocked slow a country’s devel-opment? Remember that Switzerland is landlocked,yet it won the America’s Cup sailing competition in 2005, as you think through this question. 7. Should we be investing in new technologies to ac-cess oil and other fossil fuels, or should all our ef-forts go toward facing the inevitable decline of fossil fuels? Explain your reasoning.

8. The safeguard and care of natural capital should be the responsibility of the government and not be left to private ownership. Agree or disagree with this assertion, explaining your position.

9. “Of course we’ll have to transfer to renewable fu-els sooner or later, but why should my company travel that route now? We don’t need to be a first adopter or pay the first-mover price. There’s plenty of oil left for us to stay the way we are for quite a while.” Agree or disagree with this strategy, ex-plaining your reasoning.

10. How does the stakeholder model help support the practice of sustainable business?

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