-Industrial Materials

MENG 353-Industrial Materials

HW Assignment # 9

Explain the following items very briefly, using one or two lines.


1. Write three effects of corrosion.





2. Why corrosion occurs to metals? Briefly answer.





3. Why corrosion does not occur to non-metals? Briefly answer.





4. Write three essential elements for “electro-chemical” reaction.






5. What is “Redox Potential”? Briefly answer.





6. What is the basic difference between pitting and crevice corrosion? Briefly answer.





7. Write two factors on which galvanic corrosion depends.






8. What is dezincification? Briefly answer.






9. What is graphitization? Briefly answer.

10. What is erosion? Briefly answer.





11. Write three methodologies to protect corrosion.






12. Give one example of “cathodic protection” with sketch .









13. What is “anodic protection”? Briefly answer.

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