Leadership And Development

Please add what Prof told me such as putting more leadership theories on it. Please read the guildline carefully. it has to be CRITICAL. Use book or journal resources. Prof wants me to write and add more for this paper. Here is his comments: “Thank you for your paper. I am afraid this is very so-so. The paper is rather descriptive and the exams you give are rather formulaic i.e. he cares because he listens so that makes him a leader, more is needed here! Furthermore, you do not actually address all the questions of the brief – it is not clear what his leadership style is, nor who the followers are exactly and what they think of him. Furthermore, a lot of the evidence of success of the company may well have nothing to do with leadership – it is dangerous to establish a causal connection here when there may be other factors involved. Finally, there is very little in terms of leadership theory or evidence of further reading. My suggestion is that you read up on leadership and finding further sources of theory, and then reconsider Marriott’s behaviour and actions; moreover, you should certainly address all questions in the brief.” <Assignment Overview > You are required to choose a leader within the hospitality industry. exploring the following issues: 1. What behaviours and actions illustrate leadership?(as opposed to management) 2. Which style(s) of leadership is this leader more comfortable with and why? 3. What is the evidence of followership in terms of this leader and what effect has this had on the organization as a whole? 4. What useful lessons can be learned from this leader which could be transferred to the hospitality industry as a whole? <Learning outcomes> -Distinguish between management and leadership -understand different styles of leadership as related to culture, task and situation -Apply leadership tools to a number of leadership case studies <Organization and methodology> Ensure that your paper is critical rather than descriptive. Any biographical data should be provided in an appendix rather than the main text which should concentrate on the issues mentioned above. Your paper should be rich in examples of actions that support the development of your discussion. Full referencing is required. <Assessment tasks & weighting> Structure and organization : 10% Knowledge : 10% Critical Skills : 30% Application/Examples : 30% Referencing : 20% cruise Textbook: “Level Three Leadership – getting below the surface”, by James G.Clawson

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