Managing a Successful Business Project


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LO1 Establish project aims, objectives and timeframes based on the chosen theme


P1 Devise project

aims and objectives for a

chosen scenario. P2 Produce a project management plan that covers aspects of cost, scope, time, quality, communication, risk and resources. P3 Produce a work breakdown structure and a Gantt Chart to provide timeframes and stages for completion. M1 Produce a

comprehensive project


plan, milestone schedule and project schedule for monitoring and completing the aims and objectives of the project.


LO1 & 2


D1 Critically evaluate the project

management process and

appropriate research

methodologies applied.

LO2 Conduct small-scale research, information gathering and data collection to generate knowledge to support the project


P4 Carry out smallscale research by applying qualitative and quantitative research methods appropriate for meeting project aims and objectives.






M2 Evaluate the accuracy and reliability of different research methods applied.




LO3 Present the project and communicate appropriate recommendations based on meaningful conclusions drawn from the evidence findings and/or analysis


P5 Analyse research and data using appropriate tools and      

P6 Communicate appropriate recommendations

as a result of research and data analysis to draw valid and meaningful conclusions.

M3 Evaluate the selection of appropriate tools and techniques for accuracy and authenticity to support and justify recommendations.


LO3 & 4


D2 Critically evaluate and reflect on the

project outcomes, the decision-

making process and changes or

developments of the initial project management

plan to support justification of

recommendations and learning during the project.

LO4 Reflect on the value gained from conducting the project and its usefulness to support sustainable organisational performance


P7 Reflect on the value of undertaking the research to meet stated objectives and own learning and performance.


M4 Evaluate the value of the project

management process and use of quality research to meet stated objectives and support own learning and performance.












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Managing a Successful Business Project: Assignment Task



Assignment title Case Study: du Telecom Company, UAE


LO1 Establish project aims, objectives and timeframes based on the chosen theme.


LO2 Conduct small-scale research, information gathering and data collection to generate knowledge to support the project.


LO3 Present the project and communicate appropriate recommendations based on meaningful conclusions drawn from the evidence findings and/or analysis.


LO4 Reflect on the value gained from conducting the project and its usefulness to support sustainable organisational performance.


Enabling a Customer-Centric Experience through Project Management Organization:

du Telecom and Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. Industry




Throughout the United Arab Emirates (UAE), du Telecom provides mobile and fixed telephony, broadband connectivity and IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) services to people, homes, and businesses. When it opened for business in 2006, the company boldly entered what was already a saturated market with 100% penetration. Although du Telecom recognized that the telecom industry in the Arabian Gulf is fast growing and that the company would face ever increasing competition, it approached the market as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. Within four years, du had acquired almost 40% of the region’s mobile market share and was maintaining an annual growth rate of more than 32% in a saturated market.

1 Established in 1987, Huawei is a global leader of ICT solutions and the largest

telecommunications equipment maker in the world. Their telecom network equipment, IT products and solutions, and smart devices are used in 170 countries and regions.

2. In 2013, du signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., a Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company. With this understanding, du and Huawei are working together to better define the best practices in portfolio and project management concepts, processes and techniques for their industry, including knowledge transfer and research. 3. du and Huawei are operating what they term a “distributed PMO” in two countries. This requires that both understand how a PMO functions in that type of environment. The two companies decided to work together to exchange best practice industry methodologies, concepts, tools and techniques, while also better defining best practice portfolio management concepts, processes, and techniques.
























du knows that every project takes place in a specific context, be it a stand-alone project or part of a greater program, or one among a portfolio of projects. A project may also involve a team whose members have never worked together before, and it may require assigning responsibilities and roles to people who are new to them. All of these factors are identified and considered as part of a project. With all of these considerations in mind, du was looking for partners who could help them overcome these challenges. This provided the trigger to initiate an engagement with Huawei, where in a region marked by fierce competition, telecom operators contend with constant change and longterm uncertainty. One key shortcoming that du explored for surmounting these challenges was the role of project leadership—a capability that delegates and facilitates faster decision making and improves time to market.




Project leadership is a skill that requires time to develop—in a person or an organization. Achieving success requires an analysis of setbacks and failures as a roadmap for improvement. Focusing on each project’s challenges and learning from them helps build a more successful project management capability. PMI’s in-depth report “Capturing the Value of Project Management Through Knowledge Transfer” reveals that while capturing lessons learned is critical, what an organization does with that knowledge once it is captured, is equally important.


As part of the MoU, Huawei and du work together to improve project management practices between the two companies through knowledge sharing, exchange visits, and other forms of collaboration. Having robust project management capabilities gives decision makers real-time visibility on project health, trends on investment returns, and the appropriate control to enable decision making that reduces uncertainty and opens up opportunities. As part of the process, du and Huawei use the OPM3 model to accomplish management and control. Organizations turn to OPM3® because it helps them bridge the gap between strategy and individual projects. It provides a way to advance strategic interests through the application of project management principles and practices. This generates consistently successful, high-quality projects that achieve their goals in a timely manner.




As a result of their collaboration, both companies report a reduction in project failure, an appropriate level of quality, and results that meet requirements and customer expectations. Both were also able to free up staff for other assignments and increase efficiency both on the project and within the business, making things simpler and easier for staff. Du and Huawei instituted a single point of contact responsible for the management of an overall project. This produces consistent communications among staff and suppliers and also keeps costs, timeframes, and resources within budget. Finally, robust project management practices are all about managing customer expectations with a customer-centric vision. Within the du Telecom–Huawei collaboration, project management practices touched upon the DNA of the telecom business, which is customer experience. Project management became the enabler for that customer experience.



Scenario: You are expected to read the above given case study on du Telecom and Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., and answer the questions that follow. You will also have to refer to other sources of information in your research to analyse all the questions in more detail. Read the higher grade descriptors carefully to check out on their specific requirements, which will help you achieve higher grades. You will have to do your own research on these companies to enable you to do a holistic examination of the involved project work, and you must completely comply with answering all the basic requirements stated in the questions below.


du Telecom–Huawei collaboration as an entity has set very high benchmark and standards to garner almost 40 percent of the market share in UAE. To achieve a focused strategy in the Telecom industry, du is constantly trying to enable a rich customer centric experience in all their projects being undertaken by them currently. du wants to enhance the customer experience of its existing customers and desires to carry out a successful business project in this regard which will enable them to drive strategic continuous improvement programmes, as well as allow them to drive highimpact change initiatives. They want to collect business intelligence through use of data analytics, give a high quality service experience and also develop a 360 degrees customer view.


You have been appointed as the Project Manager, du Telecom–Huawei, to make this project report based on certain important criteria which have been given below. The report will encompass all criteria listed below in the questions, and it will be submitted individually by the given due date.


You are expected to write a project report and incorporate the answers to the following questions referring to the du case–Huawei study above, in the report itself. You will use other sources of research work, as well as other secondary material and literature available on the company and industry.



1. a. Devise your project aims and objectives of du–Huawei Company, in line with some of the customer centric approaches which you desire to undertake to enhance the overall customer experience.

b. You must produce a comprehensive project management plan that will cover aspects of cost, scope, time, quality, communication, risk and resources.

c. Produce a work breakdown structure and a Gantt Chart to provide timeframes and stages of completion. [P1, P2, P3, M1, D1]





5. Carry out small-scale research by applying qualitative and quantitative research methods, which will be appropriate to meet the project aims and objectives set by you. To do this, you will design a questionnaire to carry out the quantitative research, by taking responses from existing du customers; minimum sample size chosen must be 30 respondents. You will also carry out interviews of at least 5 respondents to help you carry out your qualitative research effectively. [P4, M2, D1]


6. a. You will then use simple statistical tools and techniques like graphs, charts, histograms, averages, etc. to analyse your data which should help you to come to certain conclusive research findings.

b. Thereafter, you should communicate appropriate recommendations as a result of your research and data analysis, which will also help you to draw out valid and meaningful conclusions, which you need to present to the du–Huawei Management. [P5, P6, M3, D2]


7. Reflect on the value of undertaking this particular research to meet the stated objectives, as well as reflect on own learning and performance. [P7, M4, D2]



Your answers should include research well beyond the case study and should be referenced using the Harvard referencing system. The recommended word limit is 3500-4000 words, although you will not be penalized for exceeding the total word limit.




















































In this research work, the two organizations collaborate, which are du and Huawei. This research work is done as the two organizations collaborated and research work is required in order to know about one of the organization. In this research work it shows as to what are the customers’ needs and expectations from the du organization. It has a defined structure on how the work and its process are to be done. The questionnaire results are in a related from in charts and graphs. There are also given recommendations for the organization. At the end is the reflection in which the understanding of the entire report is presented.


































Table of contents

1) Introduction to the report

· Aim

· Objective

· Customer centric approaches

· Milestone schedule

· Project management plan


· Project schedule

· Work breakdown structure

· Gantt chart

· Qualitative research

· Quantitative research

· Pie charts

2) Recommendations

3) Conclusion

· Reflections

· Benefits


4) Appendix

5) Bibliography























Introduction of the report,

As being a part of the project management team for du telecom our projects aims are: 1) That the organization gains profits and new ways in order to satisfy their customers’ needs and wants by supplying them with new types of services.

2) The organization wants to do so by overcoming their challenges such as new types of customers and their dealings.

The Objectives are:

1) To overcome current challenges

2) To provide a new service for their customers

3) To gain profits from the research work done


Customer centric approaches are:

Customer centric approaches is where the organization concentrates on ways to sell their products or services to the customers in ways that they are able to convince them to buy their products. Customer centric itself says it that they want to concentrate on the products and services which will satisfy their customers. (SuperOffice , 2015)


Customer centric of du:

When du as an organization looks into various problems that their customers are facing they try to find solutions to the problems in various ways. This is done so because each customer’s problems would be different from the other and each customer will not necessarily call in on the same time. Hence the organization works by looking into new ways to solve their existing problems and the future problems, if any. (EITC , 2017)


Hence since we as a team are working out on a new type of service to provide for their customers, we seek out customer centric approach such as, to look into any calls from the customers. Calls could come in for installation or discrepancy in the broadband, and various other factors. Hence we scrutinized our research into various ways that can be a problem and then have found a solution to it and that is by giving them a personal solution to any problem. We do this by making ourselves available to go and sort out any issues.


Process in order to get a project management into place is by having 4 basic steps. They are:

Evaluate: this is where the team gets together in order to know as to what are their aims and objectives and what is their goal.

Design: this is where the design or pattern on how to get to the aims and objectives is decided.

Development: this is when the team starts to actually work on the project and to move ahead.

Analyze: this is when the team gets together in order to see their fulfillment and to know if they are able to reach their goals and objectives.

The process in order to get this done is by having many working people in the department in which they can do runs on calls and can help in solving issues of our customers. This can be helpful to our customers in order to solve their issues and not cause any dissatisfaction. This in turn will help reaching out to our objectives.


The research methods in order to find out issues with our products is, that we use the services after making and then do our best to find out any solutions which can be found. Then the research team also researches from other companies around the world if any such service has been offered and if so then they do researches as to how to make the service better.


Their milestone schedule is where the project management team gets together the milestones that will help the organization to move ahead. The figured out milestones are,


Quality: this is where the organization ensures that the services provided with the customers are off high quality.


Price: the prices for the services offered are made affordable so that it can be bought by or afforded by all the customers of du services.


Completion: this factor is where the team takes the completion of the project but with all the challenges kept in mind as to ensure that each of them are completed on time and with keeping the budget in mind.


The project communication plan:

Task Method of communication Frequency of repetition Note
Milestone schedule Meetings Weekly once During the weekly

meetings, we as a team will discuss the milestones in our organization.

Project management plan Emails and meetings Weekly once during the meetings This plan will be revised with all the team members

during the weekly

meetings and will be mailed to all for personal reference.

Gantt chart Emails and meetings Weekly once during meetings The Gantt chart is to be followed by all according to their departments and

areas of function

respectively. It will be mailed to all for

      personal reference.


The comprehensive project management plan is:


Cost: cost factor is where the organization has to ensure that each department only uses the devised amount of finances in each department. It is so that the budgets are not overly spent without keeping a track. It is also so that the organization has very less expenditure on anything for the organization. (Cost Engineering Consultancy , 2017)


In line with the project that du have taken up as the project management team cost can be affected as each member in the team will have to know as to how much will we be able to spend in the due time span of the project. Cost can be in relation to cost for the plan, its marketing, its services offered, and many more. This is in relation also to the feasibility study that will take place in the team. It is very necessary on the part of the team in order to do a study in order to know as to how much can be spent from their side and in what areas will it be required the most.

Economic: it is very necessary on the part of the team in order to know as to what are the current market rates and to accordingly sell their service.

Technical: the requirements of technology that will be required in the organization vary as each department will require a different technical support.

Operational: the operations of the organization should be taken into matter as when a project team is working then they will know as to what all will be required in the organization and what their objectives are.

Schedule: this is where the team needs to know a to how much time is available in order to make this service available to the customers according to the profits in the organization.


Scope: scope in project management is what collaborates all the functions in a project. Functions such as finance, time periods, budgets and many more. (Wrike, Inc , 2017)


In line with the project management team of du we as a team want to get together the functions so as to know as to what teams and what functions are required for what time period. Scope is also so that the team knows as to what extent the project can go up to with new ideas and plans.

Scope management is a very vast topic as this in itself has many functions in it. The factors under the scope management is time. This helps the team in order to stick on to their time schedule as to when they are to complete the project. Cost is in relation to the feasibility study that is done by the project team. The quality of the service is where they ensure that each customer gets the best service.


Time: time in this context would mean that each department in the organization would have to present results of their work. In order to present results a particular time frame is given to each so as to know as to when they will have to report and what progress work they will be reporting. (Project Smart , 2017)


In line with the du project management team we ensure that each departments work in the team has a time period. A long term time period is for the final product. But we also have short term time periods in order to check progress rates and where improvement will be required. This factor is very important as the team needs to know as to who all are involved and how much time each function or area of department will need.


Quality: quality aspect is where the organization ensures that the products or services created are of high quality so that they will not be a cause of trouble to the customer and that the customer will be able to enjoy the maximum amount from the product and service. (Project-Management Skills , 2016)


In line with the project team we ensure that the du services have good quality so that our customers do not have any issues in order to feel disheartened with our services. Quality can also be in relation to the project team. It is that the team needs to have a good quality. In a sense that they need to have good communication skills and various other factors to be a collaborative team. In order for the team to work together it is necessary for them to

know each other’s work and to pull in ideas so that the work can be done in a faster pace.


Communication: communication is a very important factor in a project management team. As this factor is what will help the team to do the right work in the correct intended way and to provide best for their customers. (Project Management Institute , 2017)


In relation to the du project management team, we ensure that each department can a good means and ways to communicate to each other. We find it necessary on the part of each department to communicate with each other. It is so that each of the employees find it easy to work together. As working together can a hard task if the employees don’t know each other well. Hence communication is very necessary for the employees and team members to know each other.


Risk: risk factor is what is taken up by many organizations. Risk is what helps the organization in order to get a profit. (Project Smart , 2017)


Regarding the du project management team they ensure that they take up risk which they know that they are able to subdue with efforts put in it. Planning is required in order to take up risk. If planning is not done then it can lead to taking up the wrong risk. Risk can also be when new ideas are pulled in the project team, then the original objective can tend to get lost. This can happen and can cause a lot of issue in the project plan. There can also be personal conflicts within an organization. Hence it is necessary that each risk is handled in the right manner with each other. Another risk we can face is the technology that keeps changing quickly. We as a team need to ensure that any service or product that we are to offer is to be of the latest technology and hence can last for use for a longer time.


Resources: resources in an organization can be, money, people, machinery, services and many more. It is required in any project management team In order to know their resources and to know how to handle and manage them. (Project Insight , 2017)


In relating to the du management team it is necessary that we know our resources which are: customers, employees, and the services. Hence it is necessary we know as to how to handle all. Our resources can also be our plant and machinery. The stake holders of the organization are to be well recognized and hence it is very important that each one of them know as to how to handle situations and customers.


With all the above factors such as cost, scope, time, quality, communication, risk and resources we as the project management team ensure that each factor is given enough evaluation and planning beforehand. This is done so that the team will not have to spend their project time in the planning of the project. To begin the project a measure of planning is done so that each department will know as to how much will be expected from them and when. When this is done so then the project management team starts working on the plan. They do so by starting off with the research work on the project that they need to work on. Then it is necessary on the part of the management team in order to collaborate on the ideas and ways in which they decide on staring and completing the project. Then they work on the budgets and time period.


In a project management plan the PRINCE2 factors should be involved. It is where the projects in controlled environment. This is where the team has to ensure that the factors which are involved also have been studied. The project has to be in controlled environment as each of them needs to be according to the planned budgets, schedules and timings.


The project schedule is:


The project schedule is where the project team in line with the organization line up together. Under the CEO comes the project manager and then the team members of the project team. They get together and collaborate on what all functions will be required for the working of the organization. So the organization works together and identify their strengths and weaknesses and accordingly they find out ways in which they can apply the services in an effective way for their customers. In this way a CEO in an organization is able to get to know as to how a work should be taken up and whether involvement is required.


The process to get this done is when the organization gets together, they will have to get together to decide on the plan that they are to work on and then they are to know as to when they are to start and the plan and what it is to be and their objectives in order to start the plan.


The work breakdown structure is:


These are the 5 main stages that are in this project management team. They are the research team finance team, marketing team, service providers, and documentation team.


















The research team:

The research team consists of departments or teams such as,




The planning team: they ensure as to who are the target markets and customers and according send in their questionnaires. They also plan out on the possible incomes so that no sudden surprises take place in the organization. The process of planning is where the project management team manager gets together with other teams and departments in order to know as to who all will need to be involved in this project and as to how much time will be required for this work.


Questionnaire: this is the research done on the part of the project management team. This will help the project management team in order to achieve their objectives. In order to do so, they will fill out questions which will help the customer to give in the right information to achieve its objectives. The questionnaire will consist of questions which are not very long as that might get the customers irritated and then that may cause the customers not to reply or send back the replies to the questionnaire.


Improvements: at time the respondents do not reply to the questionnaires and hence leave the organization without a solution. In order to ensure that it does not take place in this research work we either go or personally meet the customer or we make improvements in our questionnaire and ask the customers if they want any preferred way. The improvements in this planning work is in relation to the questionnaire.


The finance team:

Budgets: this team ensures that each department gets the right amount of budgets. This is to ensure that each of them will receive an amount of in order to complete their required task. The team has to keep a track so that an overdose of expenditure does not fall on the department. Each department has a different amount of budgets as each of them work in different ways and with different outcomes.


Current profit: this team will ensure that the currents profits remain in the organization. They can also grow in the normal rate of the profit earning of the organization. Expected profits: this team checks as to how much profits can be expected in the future due to all the research that is done in the organization. At times there can also be a loss, this team sees to it that if there is a loss ways that it can be recouped in a period of time. This will help the organization and the project to be stable and save it from any dangerous loss.


The marketing team:

The product team: this is where the team gets together and decides on the service to provide to their customers. This team is able to decide on the service as they have done the research and know as to what is expected from their customers. This will include various factors such as technical and various other factors that can affect the service.


Place: this is where the organization knows as to who all are its target customers and as to what all locations will this services be provided. The places selected is the Dubai market and the places that they choose to put up their networks.


Price: this is where the organization decides on who are to be their customers and accordingly they provide their services at their range of price. The expected people are seen and then accordingly a price is determined.


Promotion: then the team gets together and finds ways to attract existing and new customers towards their new service to be provided. This is all in a cycle as each team finishes their work then new trends come into the market which can help the customers in order to start their new productions for their products.

Service provides:

Making the service: this is where the team gets together and makes the services and gets rid of any disturbances in the services. They make the service in such a way that they are able to satisfy their customers.


Improvements: since technology keeps changing the team of improvements ensure that they are up to date with the technological changes. Then in this way they are able to provide the best to their customers. The improvements in this team is that they try to give in improvements to the service that they offer to their customers.



Presentation: this is when the team gets all the services ready and different solutions to different problems and presents it to their customers. Then the team gets together and gives a presentation on the new service made to the organization. They do this so that all the members in the organization will know how to use it.


Personal selling: this feature helps the team in order to sell their service to their loyal customers without much of an issue. And at the same time they are able to offer them with a service in order to install thee broadband device at homes and offices. The team members have employees who will report and give in services to their customers. This is so that the customers will not lose the features of the serviced.


Markets: this feature is what helps the organization and team realize as to who the target markets are and who all require the needed service. Then when completing one market they are able to concentrate on the next target market and that will help them to reach out globally.


Below is the Gantt chart which shows as to what all stages are required in order to start with the new project. This chart will help us to know as to what the required task is and then accordingly the time period to know as to what the time period is to get the work done.









task   April     may     June  
  week 1 week


week 3 week


week 5 week 6 week 7 week 8 week 9 week 10 week 11 week 12
market study                        
making of service      




final making                        

From this chart we are able to understand that as a project team we need planning which should take place in the first 2 weeks on the month of April. At the same time period the research team will work on their research work of the project. The market study for the service is done in the 2nd week of April. In the 3rd and 4th week of April the service is to be made and brought into action in the organization. in the 5th and 6th week the challenges is where the team members use the service and try to find out its weaknesses and then accordingly try to work on that before it is sold out into the market. In the 7th week the final making of the service is done. That is the final requirements are being put into place. In the 8th week the presentation is done of the service by the team to the CEO of the organization for confirmation. Then it is on the organizations part in order to let the customers know as to what kind of services they can be expecting from the organization. 9th and 10th week the most amount of selling will be done of the service to know as to how many are actually interested in the service. In the 11th and 12th week the feedback is brought from the customers to the organization. as the people will start using the service and we as a team need to know as to what all are required in order to add in our services and what all kinds of customer services need to be offered. Through all the weeks a meeting is held so that each team member knows as to what is the progress rate of the service taking place.

From this we are able to have the key stages in order for a project to take place successfully. We stated off with the initiation of the project with consultation from the organization CEO and worked on new methods in order to work out the project. Then according to the chart we had planning, execution, controlling and closure.


Qualitative research is where the information researched on is based on the value of what the customers want to receive from the organization. It is also to get opinions from the customers on what the organization sells. (Snap Surveys Ltd , 2017)


Quantitative research is where the research is quantified a put in as numerical data. This is so that the data can be presented numerically in the organization so that it will help it to solve any issues and give their customers satisfaction in using their products. (Snap Surveys Ltd , 2017)


The research method applied is the questionnaire with around 12 questions which I have sent them to only du users and asked them for their responses. And hence they were able to give in their responses. This helped them to understand as to how they use du and its services. The process in order to get the respondents reply was that the way of mailing the questionnaire to the respondents.


There are many research methods in order to get the required information from the customers. The research method chosen here is a questionnaire as according to the way to reach the respondents, it was that we selected particular du customer from various locations and those from different working statuses and this helped us to find out what we required as to what we are to incorporate in our new service that we offer to our customers. This method is reliable as the responses was received personally from the customers.


The respondent’s answers are put up in pie charts and hence below are the responses. The questionnaire was taken with regard to some categories made. In this questionnaire we made a category of working status and the gender. Accordingly we are able to find out as to what it is that they expect from the organization.


Female working:





From these 3 graphs we see the results of working women from the 3 options given in the question. The income level of the women are relatively high and hence the price of the service would not be an issue to them. The time period of the women using du has been comparatively less and that will help us know as to what is it that needs to be improved in the service. The frequency on using the du services is quite high and hence that is a strength of the offers of du. Many do prefer additional services in other telecom service but at the same time do not want much of an incorporation in any new services in du.










Males working:





From these 3 pies we see the amount of males working who chose from the 3 options. The income rate is quite good and hence that is a good factor on our pricing of the service. The time period in their using du is also comparatively less but at the same time the frequency rate in them using du services is quite high. That in turn helps us to give in our best offers to du users. Additional services from other telecom services are not much refer and hence that gives us a good standing as an organization on our services. At the same time they are interested in new services which will be incorporated in Du. Hence the customers will be keeping in expectation of it. So we need to give a good outlook and offers to them.


Females studying:


From these pies we will see the amount of females studying who chose from


the 3


options. Most of them have been using it for at least more than 4 months. That shows the amount of du customers is from a lower age range. The frequent use of the du services is also high as many use Du. Since the services are used more hence that is our strength. Many do not prefer any other services from other telecom services. That shows we have many loyal customers who love using the services. We can increase the loyalty by giving better services and offers. They at the same time are also interested in any new service to be incorporated in du.










Male studying:





From these charts we will see as to how many males studying have chosen from the 3 options. The higher range is where people have used du services for a long time. The services offered from du are frequently used by them and hence is our strength. Many do not prefer much services from other telecom services. But at the same time are not very interested if new services are incorporated in the du service. Hence we collected a qualitative research with them and hence were able to find out as to what is it in general that they would expect and so we can offer that to our customers.


Female house wives:


Female house wives were also given the questionnaire as to know how we can




such customers’ needs and wants. Most of them use the services for a least 4 months and more and hence we are able to say that they use the services of du too. Due to the frequency rate of services being high it open new opportunities where we can work on new services. Other telecom services are not prefer and hence they are loyal to du and we can increase it by offers and discounts. But the interest rate in new services is comparatively less for new services and hence we need to work on new ways to satisfy them.


The recommendations from the respondents are the qualitative results which are received from them. When we gave the questionnaires we give them an opportunity to express themselves. When they expressed themselves then we accordingly had noted them down and then we were able to find out as to what are some of the recommendations we are able to offer the organization.

The authenticity can be referred in with the questions in the appendix and the results from the respondents which is in the form of the pie charts above. The decision making process is when the team gets together and is able to find out what could be questions for the questionnaires. Then we rooted out as to who can be the respondents. We have made it into sections according to working people and non-working people. Then accordingly we have tried to make our service with the relevant price and further on ahead. We identify and find out as to how much income each person gets so accordingly the price of our product or service.




The qualitative research done with the questionnaire is to find out the qualitative information from the questionnaire. We have started out with open end questions and then accordingly we have found out as to what are the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. Our recommendations can be included in our strengths and weaknesses as, when a customer says something that they like in our organization then it becomes our strength. At the same time when they tell of any other service that they like in any other telecom service it could be our weakness but can be taken up as an opportunity for the organization to work on it.

In our qualitative research we did a triad research method in which we looked into 3 different aspects on how the customer and the service are related. Then according to that we are able to find the right alternative service which the customer will enjoy and accordingly have put that in our research findings.


The strengths which we were able to evaluate from the questionnaire is that we give good data package and have good offers which we are able to offer to our customers. At the same time we are able to able to offer some calling offers to our customers which are loved by many. In this way we are able to identify as to who all are enjoying our services and who all use our services. With all the strengths that we have we also have some weaknesses which we need to work on as a project team.


Some of the weaknesses that are taken from the questionnaires that we got from the respondents. Some of them like other telecom services which have services that are not in Du. Hence they turn to other telecom services in order to reach those services.

1. One them is that they want the internet and tv services to be lesser expensive. As they find it to be expensive due to which they are not able to reach out Du services and hence look out to others.

2. Secondly they find the offers to be more as compared to Etisalat so the customers tend to move in to Etisalat.

3. Connectivity in Etisalat seems to be more preferred than Du.

4. The customer care of Du is comparatively low as compared to other telecom services.

We found the above information from the questionnaires and interviews taken from a list of customers. They had experiences to tell regarding their use of the du services and hence were able to tell as to how much each of them is able to use and to what would they want more benefits.


The decision making:


When problems in the team arose then we worked together and worked on getting things done in a better manner. So we had to make adjustments in our design briefs so that we are able to bring in solutions to our problems. By doing this we made specifications and came to know as to what all will be required in the using of the services offered.


The changes that we can make to the project plan is that we can start up with the qualitative information in the service that we are developing for our customers. The service that we are making is the broadband service. In this we can incorporate the requirements of the customers. We can do this by adding the services with the broadband service and this can help us attain our organizations objectives and aims.


The objectives of the project was to earn profits, give customer satisfaction and to provide a new type of service with incorporated features which the customers prefer. We are able to do so by giving the customers the service they like or prefer and hence when coming to know of their budget we are able to keep prices of our service in order to keep reachable profits. When giving the customers the service they prefer they in turn get satisfied which helps us achieve our objective which is customer satisfaction.


With this research we as a team were able to identify as to who all are required to put in more efforts in their respective departments in order to provide the best service to our customers. With doing this the organization is able to know as to satisfy the customers’ needs and wants. Then they are able to know as to who require what kind of service the customers want.


The use of qualitative research helps us to find out information which cannot be agreed upon a decided answer as a quantitative question. Hence in order to find out as to what a customer’s needs actually are we need to communicate with them in order to find qualitative information.


The use of quantitative information is to know as to what the customers specifically want and prefer. Then they are able to know what to add up in their service and then they are able to get the service incorporated in the broadband. In doing this the project team is able to get the objectives and aims of the organization work. Then they are successful in being a project management team.


In doing this research work we are able to find out as to what are the required aims and objectives of du customers. Then we are able to know as to what to include in the broadband service.


From this project management plan we are able to know as to what all are the required services of the customers. When we find out the required services we work on our weaknesses.


In conclusion we can say that in the overall research work we as a project team have got together and then we have assembled aims and objectives. Then we have assembled as to what all will be the requirements of the organization. After following that we then got together in order to know as to what will be the steps in order to carry out this project. In doing so we had a Gantt chart and many plans. Then we had a work break down structure. In that we are able to identify as to who all will be required to do what task. Then we held our questionnaire out to the customers of Du. We got the results and then we put them into pie charts for a better understanding. In doing so we are able to understand as to what are the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. Then as a team we work together to know as to who all are required in order to fulfil our aims and objectives. Then we give our recommendations so that it can be incorporated in the new services of the organization.



The benefits that we are able to get from this project is that we as a team were able to coordinate the work and tasks and the we are able to provide the best quality services, by staying in the budgets and not having any extra expenditure. This was all being able to be accomplished because we as a team stuck to our schedule and time frames.



Our team was able to keep things SMART in our project. The idea of the project was specific to all the employees in the team. Each of them understood what the objective at the end of it was. The work of the questionnaire was a measurable as we chose specific people from the category that we required. At time when the team had gotten new ideas we had to be aggressive in order to say no as that would have made us move from our objective. So such had to be done in order to stick to the objective. The questions and frames where made in a realistic manner as they were able to tell as to what all is required from each customer and they also were customer sensitive. The time schedule given to the team was well remembered and hence the project was able to finish on time.



This is where we identify as to where all we as a team need to improve. In doing so we are able to identify as to what all we require to improve in our services in the organization. When we send the questionnaires we were able to identify an issue which is that not many respondents send in their replies back. In order to get over this problem, we went personally to the customers and made our questions specific so that we don’t waste most of their time. When we did so we were able to receive answers from our customers and at the same time be able to offer them the right service.


In this we are also able to see our strengths in which we are able to know as to what the organization has done, the processes and then accordingly we can strengthen that in our organization.






The questionnaire is presented below: 1) Name:

2) Age:

3) Gender:

4) Working: (a) yes (b) no

5) Are your income earnings between: (a)AED1000 – AED5000 (b)AED5000 – AED10,000 (c) AED10,000 – and more

6) How long have you been using du and its services? (a)only months (b)<5 years (c)>5 years

7) As a du user what are the services that you prefer?

8) How often do you use the services from du? (a)not often (b)often (c)regularly

9) Do you prefer any additional services that are offered by any other telecom services? (a)yes (b)no

10) If yes, what preferences do you want that are available in other services?

11) Which is the other telecom services prefer and why?

12) Will you be interested in any new services incorporated in du? (a) yes (b) no Bibliography:

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