Pharmacist Internship

  • I have a paper about my internship I want you to write for me , I’ll attached the requirement for the paper
  • and here some of what I did during the internship
  • I have worked in the Qatif Central Hospital (Saudi Arabia)  for my internship, and during that I had work for 2 main projects. The first one was about researching the benefit and cost for adding Pharmaceutical dispensing medicines. The second one was about preforming a seminar for skill cell anemia patients to raise the awareness  because this disses is common in Saudi Arabia spicily in Al Qatif city. In addition to these two main projects I had many responsibilities during my internship period such as dispensing medicines to patients, filling carts for patients that are admitted, and check validity dates of the medicines. Also, I have attend so classes there for preparing IV and eye drops.
  • I did my intern in Saudi Arabia as pharmacisit .
  • supervisor contact info,
    Dr. Hani J. Al-Ismail
    Pharmacy director
    hospital name : Qatif Central Hospital

    PHPR 4780: Internship in Pharmacy Practice/Pharmacy Administration, 2018

    -Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Interns: Deadline: Monday of Finals Week-

    Course Description

    This course/experience is an integral component of the BSPS program within the College of Pharmacy

    and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Students will acquire practical knowledge and hands-on experience in

    Pharmacy Administration by working in pharmacies, the pharmaceutical industry or with health care

    systems. The experience will provide to the student an opportunity to work with leaders and leading

    institutions in pharmacy practice and/or the pharmaceutical industry in order to gain a contemporary

    perspective of the principles and concepts described and studied through classroom instruction.

    Students will complete an eight to 12 week experience at a host institution that will include

    developing, implementing and reporting on a project that is of importance to the institution and

    consistent with the student’s program of study.

    Course Outline

    Students will gain hands-on experience in pharmacy or health care administration, pharmaceutical

    sales and/or marketing in a working environment. While each internship will be unique for each

    student, common as well as experience-specific objectives will be achieved. Projects will involve

    working with a primary preceptor at the host institution or company and will encompass the

    development, implementation, analysis and presentation of a research, practice or business problem

    pertaining to the mission of the given health care environment. All projects will promote learning

    competencies through a structured process of research and inquiry.

    ► Section 1 Background:

     Identify a project that was completed/worked on during internship (for example Development of a 90-Day Prescription Drug Program)

     Students should search relevant research databases (PubMed, Google Scholar, etc.) to gain a better understanding (background information) about their assigned project topic area

     Summarize information found in the first section of paper

     Critically comment on the need for this project in the current health care system (ex. Need for a 90-day prescription drug plan at an independent pharmacy)


    ►Section 2 Project Development:

     Record steps to project execution.

     Summarize aspects of work carried out. Details to be recorded include: date of work; contacts made; materials and methods used (ex. Researched & compared competitors’ drug

    formulary for their store discount program)


    ►Section 3 Results/Outcome:

     Summarize aspects of data collected (ex. Did you create an Excel document?), and raw outcomes assessments (if applicable), OR summarize the outcome of your project.

     Students may choose to attach any copies of presentations or posters.




    2 Updated 3.26.2018

    ►Section 4 Challenges & Lessons Learned:

     Reflection and personal evaluation

     Summarize any challenges and lessons learned from working on your project (ex. It was difficult to determine which drugs an independent pharmacy should use in their plans).

    Include areas of improvement (ex. My methods for organizing and interpreting data was

    initially confusing and I had to work on my knowledge of Excel) and how you would have

    done things differently.

    ►Section 5 Project Implications:

     Discuss how your project would be helpful to your internship site (ex. It would help increase revenue, increase new customer acquisition, etc.) and how it may help the

    healthcare system overall. (ex. As independent pharmacies struggle to compete with larger

    chains, acquiring new customers and revenue will help them maintain a sustainable

    business model.)

    Internship Site

    The internship experience will be conducted in the pharmaceutical industry, in a pharmacy practice

    setting, and/or in administrative offices of community chain pharmacies or managed care settings.

    Other settings may include governmental agencies (e.g., FDA, State Board of Pharmacy), professional

    organizations and offices (e.g., American Pharmacy Association, OPA, public policy agencies), and

    scientific communication services (e.g., professional publishing firms, database warehouses).

    Performance Evaluation

    Students will be evaluated using the “grade only” option. Grades will be determined using on-site

    supervisor evaluations and your final reports. Reports will receive a failing grade if instructions are not


    The program advisor, with input from the Director of the BSPS Internship and/or chair of the

    Pharmacy Practice Department, will assign the grade.


    ► Instructors -Internship In Pharmacy Administration – 30270 – PHPR 4780 – 021: Students will

    be assigned to one of these instructors:



    Dr. Varun Vaidya, Pharmacy Practice, Frederic and Mary Wolfe Center, 115D,, Phone: 419.383.1516


    Dr. Monica Holiday-Goodman, Office of Student Affairs, Frederic and Mary Wolfe Center,

    155,, Phone: 419-383-1904











    3 Updated 3.26.2018



    Your report must be typed, double-spaced, approximately 3-5 pages in length, and submitted to your

    assigned advisor by 5:00 pm Monday, July 30, 2018. (If you completed your internship in

    fall/spring, submit by 5:00 pm Monday of finals week). Failure to follow these instructions will

    result in a lowered grade. Late submissions will not be accepted.

    The file should be saved as: “PHPR 4780 Final Report_First Name Last Name”



    (**Remember to include page numbers**)


    Course Number: PHPR 4780


    Title: “Pharmacy Administration Internship Experience”


    Internship site: ___________________________________________________________


    Internship supervisor: _____________________________________________________


    Dates of internship experience: ______________________________________________


    Report prepared by: Your First and Last Name


    The body of the report must contain the following labeled sections:


    ● Background

    ● Project Development

    ● Results/Outcome

    ● Challenges & Lessons Learned

    ● Project Implications

    ● Career Skills

    ● Describe the impact of this internship experience on your career goals

    ● Rate this internship experience on a scale of 1-5 (1=poor; 5=excellent)

    ● Would you consider employment at this site? (yes or no – please explain.)

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