Review information about a major rival to coca cola company.

Q1. End of Chapter 5 and do Exercise 5B “Should Coca-Cola, Build, Borrow, or Buy in2020 -2021?” Steps 1,and 2(minimum of one page assignment).  (When accessing Coca-Cola’s website, you’ll have to click on “Press Center,”.)


5B exercise question :

Step 1 Review material about coca cola and at the coca cola website. Review current news articles about coca cola company.

Step 2 Review information about a major rival to coca cola company.

Determine whether you believe COCA could or should try to acquire. Give the pros and cons of such a horizontal integration strategy. Recall that coca cola recently acquired rival.


Q2. End of Chapter 6 and do Exercise 6A “Perform a SWOT Analysis for Coca-Cola” as an individual, one page assignment.

6A Exercise : Develop a SWOT Matrix for coca cola

Company.  Follow all the SWOT guidelines provided in the chapter, including notation (for example, S4, T3) at the end of each strategy.Include two strategies in each of the four (SO,ST, WT, WO) quadrants. Be specific regarding your strategies, avoiding generic terms such as forward integration.


Strengths Weaknesses
1. Coca Cola is the  number one beverages brand in terms of reach and sales 1. The presence of traces of pesticides in the cola beverages have caused damage to the brand image
2. Popular subsidiary brands like Coca Cola, Fanta, Kinley, Limca, Maaza, Minute Maid, etc. 2. Strong competition in the aerated drinks segment from PepsiCo means constant fight over market share for Coca Cola
3. Coca Cola has Global reach with presence in over 200 countries 3. Coca Cola and related soft drinks brands have been linked now with high sugar content and many health concerns are being raised, this becomes a weakness worth looking at
4. More than 500 brands on offer 4. Coca Cola does not have a food business unlike its competitors, it is only limited to beverages as of now
5. Coca Cola has employee strength of around 1,50,000 people globally
6. Strong and efficient supply chain network, ensuring that all the products are available even in the most remote places
7. Strong financial condition
8. Strong brand recall of all Coca Cola products through advertising and marketing by associating with celebrity brand ambassadors
9. CSR activities in the field of water conservation and recycling, education, health etc.
10. Effective and efficient packaging technique giving emphasis on recycling and reusing
11. Coca Cola has long association with international sports events, sponsorships etc
12. Coca Cola has always adapted to changing market conditions e.g. the brand is now moving towards sugar free options, juice, water etc
Opportunities SO strategies WO Strategies
1. Increase its reach in untapped countries and market can boost Coca Cola S6,O1 O4,W4
2. Market and popularise the less known products S8,O2 O1,W2
3. Acquiring other companies can strengthen Coca Cola’s place in the industry further S7,O3
4. Diversify its product portfolio by entering into snacks industry to compete with PepsiCo
Threats ST strategies WT Strategies
1. Health consciousness amongst people avoiding aerated drinks can adversely affect Coca Cola T1,S12 T4,w2
2. Difficulty in complying with different government regulations and norms in different countries T3,S7 T1,w3
3. Inflation, economic slowdown and instability
4. Strong competition can lead to reduced market share
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