Spectroscopy Problems

This is the information you need to fill for each of Spectroscopy problem

Spectroscopy Problem Information Sheet

a. Identify the major functional groups on the IR spectrum (Ex. OH stretch, C=O stretch, etc). Make sure to indicate if it is a stretch or a bend and use the region below 1000 cm-1 to help classify the type of substitution on alkenes and/or aromatic rings if present.


b. Using the rule of 13, show how the chemical formula was calculated.





c. For the H-NMR, indicate the number of hydrogens types present. Assign hydrogens on the spectra (Ha, Hb, Hc etc.).


d. For the 13C NMR, identify the number of carbon types. Assign readily identifiable carbons (Ex. carbons within the aromatic ring and carbonyl carbons)


e. For the MS (mass spectra), indicate if there is an isotope effect (Br or Cl present).  Identify at least 2-3 key fragmentations (Ex. M+-15, loss of CH3 group).



f. Write the proposed structure in the box shown below.

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