Transportation Logistics Exercise Questions Ch5-7

Dianara Loredon


E. Bateh

Ch.5 Motor Carriers

December 2, 2019

Chapter 5 Exercise Questions

1. The motor carrier industry is probably the most visible segment of the transportation system in the United States. The motor carrier is also the most significant element of the U.S. freight transport industry. What factors account for the motor carrier’s visibility and significance?

2. The railroad industry played a significant role in the development and growth of many cities and geographic regions during the 19th century. What role, if any, have motor carriers played during the 21st century in terms of economic development?

3. Private carriage is more important in the motor carrier segment of our transportation industry than any of the other four major modal segments. What factors have contributed to private carriage becoming so prevalent in the motor carrier area?

4. The so-called local carrier is also almost unique to the motor carrier industry. Why?

5. Compare and contrast the TL segment of the motor carrier industry with the LTL segment in terms of infrastructure, cost structure, market structure, and operating characteristics.

6. What is the nature of intramodal and intermodal competition in the motor carrier industry? How have the motor carriers fared in terms of intermodal competition since 1980?

7. Describe the general service characteristics of motor carriers and explain how these service characteristics have contributed to the growth of the motor carrier industry.

8. The cost structure of the motor carrier industry is affected by its infrastructure (such as highways and terminals). Discuss the cost structure of motor carriers and how it is affected by the infrastructure. Should there be changes made in public policy with respect to the motor carriers’ use of public highways?

9. Describe how fuel and labor have impacted motor carrier cost structures and how they have altered motor carrier operations.

10. What are the major issues facing motor carriers in the 21st century? How should these issues be addressed?

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