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  1. Now that you’ve identified the organization’s SWOT, you need to determine the project and its objectives and metrics. This project should be based on an unmet opportunity for the organization, or to minimize a potential threat. What does the organization need to do to advance its goals and/or expand its competitive advantage? How will you measure their progress?

    Complete the following:

    • Explain why this opportunity/threat was selected, and how it is anticipated to benefit the organization.
    • Create at least 3 measurable project objectives based on your analyses. Determine timelines and responsibilities for each objective (e.g. with a RACI chart)
    • Explain why these objectives are appropriate for the project.
    • Develop at least 2 metrics to evaluate achievement of each of the project objectives. Provide a 1-page explanation for why these are appropriate metrics for each of the objectives.
    • Cite all sources following APA guidelines.

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      Wk 1: Advanced Organizer

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      Wk 1 Apply: Degree of Alignment

      Advanced Organizer

      Review the companies listed in the case studies portion of the textbook. Choose 1 of the companies to use for all weekly assessments. Complete the chart below with information provided in the textbook and other resources. Provide your analysis below the chart.

      Selected Organization:

      Describe the organization in the follow chart:


      Mission Apple Inc. mission is “To bringing the best user experience to its customers through its innovative hardware, software, and services (Piao & Kleiner, 2015).”
      Vision “We believe that we are on the face of the earth to make great products and that’s not changing.”
      Values “Values include Empathy for customers, team spirit, aggressiveness, positive social connection, innovation, individual performance team spirit, good management, excellence and individual reward (Tansim, 2018).”
      Structure “Apple Inc. has a hierarchical organizational structure, with notable divisional characteristics and a weak functional matrix. The hierarchy is a traditional structural feature in business organizations”
      Culture “The company’s cultural features focus on maintaining a high level of innovation that involves creativity and a mindset that challenges conventions and standards.”


      Based on your advanced organizer and further research, analyze the degree of alignment between what the organization is currently doing (actions) and their mission, vision, values, structure, and culture.

      The good thing with Apple Company is the fact that they embrace technology and change that focus on their vision and the mission statement of the organization. The values of this organization provide the employees with direction, customers and the management an overview of what is required from them (D O’Rourke, 2018). Apple has been successful in the high technology market which has been referred to as the inability of the organization on diversifying employees.as a high tech industry it faces a lot of challenges which are sometimes beyond control and still in the face of these challenges they have to make sure that they maintain the organization values and beliefs (Gruber et al., 2017). For Apple Inc. to become successful or for them to maintain their success, there is need for them to embrace diversity when it comes to employment, partnership, market as well as global interactions (Ng et al., 2018). Apple Inc has also failed to fulfil the need of culture in the organization and mostly they only focus on innovation and fail to focus on the peoples’ culture and the society need as well. Apple Inc should come up with a desirable culture that also include the society needs and satisfaction.


      D O’Rourke, A. (2018). The world apple market. Routledge.

      Gruber, T. R., Sabatelli, A., Aybes, A., Pitschel, D. W., Voas, E. D., Anzures, F. A., & Marcos, P. D. (2017). U.S. Patent Application No. 15/193,971.

      Ng, E. H., Nepal, B., Schott, E., & Keathley, H. (2018). TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT & APPLE SUCCESS.

      Piao, M., & Kleiner, B. (2015). Excellence in the Electronics Industry: The Comparison of the Organizational Culture among Apple Inc., Samsung Electronics and Google Inc. Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Journal2015(1).

      Tansim, M. (2018). An Organizational Analysis on Apple. European Journal of Business and Management10(11).


      Copyright 2019 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.

      Copyright 2019 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.

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