Analysis Of An Argument

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This is my writing analysis of an argument assignment. This assignment is 1000 words .


All you need to do is: A) Read carefully all the PDF files I attached starting with the Instruction and Scoring Rubric. B) Follow the APA style as instructed and read the Style Essay Template. Based on them analyze/write the argument  (See attachments).


(Don’t write the questions) – I will run the paper through Copyscape that homework market provides, and the result MUST be = ZERO.


The most IMPORTANT things for me:

1) Follow the ALL instructions carefully.

2) Use very simple language and idea because I’m an international student and I need to understand everything once I read it.

(See all attachments)

*Three of my classmates are using Homework Market as well. And three of my friends took the same class last quarter and used this site as well. So. please I need my papers to be original and written from scratch.


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Analysis of an Argument Essay Scoring Rubric

Write a 1000+ word analytic/reflective essay (Essay 2). Read the set of articles about George Orwell’s writing approach focusing on his specific recommendations for improving writing of the English language AND the powerful, persuasive arguments of his political philosophy about individual privacy versus the state, totalitarianism, thought-control through social coercion, physical torture, and the ubiquitous malleability of history, human language, and everyday reality. Be sure to carefully and thoroughly describe the term Orwellian and its profound impact on our thinking today. Focus on the following essay-grading content and style rubrics:

Opening paragraph & thesis sentence(s)

Purpose and consideration of audience (clear, compelling prose that is also enjoyable to read)

Technical compliance to aspects of submitted file: o APA style conventions o Course file naming & formatting conventions

Clear description of the main points/recommendations derived from the content essays’ arguments. Again—include (a) Orwell’s main ways to improve written English communication and meaning, and (b) Orwell’s political philosophy and its impact on our culture today. If you can—try to connect Orwell’s insights about our English language usage, his notions of Newspeak and Thoughtcrime, and implications to an individual’s sacrosanct, personal/private intellect, self-dignity and self-respect, and individual human mind.

Examination/analysis and explication of pertinent facets (intrinsic and extrinsic) of the critical issues as you interpret them (i.e., the specific implications to communication, culture, media, and our present 21st century society generally: Use concrete, tangible, real examples from current life events and actual news)

Descriptive Summary (of your essay’s main points)—followed by a reflective conclusion about where you think we are headed as a culture, a society, and a world—and what can be done to change the future and preserve humanity, privacy, and human dignity as a whole. Essay 2 Total: ____ (20 points max.)

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