Chemistry Project Properties Of An Element

Topic Fluorine   For this element, you will provide the information listed and additional information as specified below 

1) A cover sheet with the element name or formula and your name (Date, College name, course, Professor’s name, etc.)

2) All the data listed in the table on the below page, with the data in the table with proper units. This table should be typed. You may use any sources you wish (books, periodicals, Internet sites) to collect the data but these sources must be properly cited and the references available in a bibliography (see #4). On the Word file, the links (hyperlinks) to your references must be hot! (they must work!!)

3) Neatly typed narrative description (1,000 words minimum, i.e., about two pages minimum) of the uses, importance, biological significance (if any) historical information, and any additional interesting information for the element. This should be written in paragraph format with proper grammar and spelling. Outlines or lists will not be given credit. Information must be properly cited (see #4). Plagiarism will result in a zero grade for this project with no chance to earn the lost points through other means. 

4) List of references or a bibliography, properly cited (minimum of 6 references).

For your in-text citations, use the Chicago System (Author, year, page) see: 

(Click on the Go to Author-Date tab!)

For the list of references or bibliography, also use the Chicago System; see

Your in-text citation to a printed source should hyperlink to the reference in your bibliography. Your in-text citation to an online source should also hyperlink to the reference in your bibliography. However, the hyperlinks from each of your references should be to the specific webpage(s) where you obtained the information. 

5) The points for your project will be as follows:

5 – Table data

5 – Table citations, references

5 – Text, proper citations

5 – Bibliography or list of references, correct format

5 – Softcopy, hyperlinks

25 – Cover page, narrative text (neatness, originality, avoidance of plagiarism, etc.)

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