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Democrats vs. Republicans

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The Democratic and the Republican parties are the main political parties in the United States. They are contrasted in a number of ways which make them stand out of each other in the United States politics. Although they are different, they have almost the same concerns about the welfare of the people of the United States although from a different perspective and with different motives. They are contrasted on the basement of believes and strategies they have in place in the practice of politics as per the ethics governing them (Newport, 2013). Comment by Lal: You have to write the thesis of your own, you’d better not cite in the thesis.

The Democratic Party is a socially conservative and fiscally classical liberalism. It is a party guided by the free expression and practice of human rights. Its main concern is to see that the people live in a free environment where they can practice and enjoy their lives without interference. They proclaim the practice of rights on the basis of social interaction and marriage whereby they believe that same sex marriages are choices of the people and a way of enjoying human rights and freedoms. Democrats believe that everyone is free within the nation to enjoy his or her rights without obstacles or discrimination (Slavenburg, 2012). They fight for the comfortable accommodation of the population as far as spending, treatment and investments are concerned. They can therefore be termed as liberal minded with regard to how they treat people’s needs and address their problems. They are therefore considered as fiscally progressive in promoting social-liberty and supporting social justice. Comment by Lal: These two sentences are two different topic sentences. First, you justify in what sense it is conservative and then y Comment by Lal: I would encourage you to give the page number, because the source you have cited deals with many things.

The rRepublicans are the supporters of the Republic Pparty in the United States. The basic beliefve with the republicans is the American conservatism which seems to fight the liberalism motive practiced by its rival the Democratic Party. Its platform involves support for free market capitalism, free enterprise, fiscal conservatism and a strong national defense as well as labor union restrictions. In addition to this, the republicans are socially conservative in the sense that they uphold human morals especially with regard to marriage practices and abortion. They believe that the rightful marriage is between a man and a woman and abortion should be unheard of. They seek to uphold traditional values based largely on Judeo-Christian ethics. Therefore the republicans are more conservative on human heritage and moral practices as they fight for the upkeep of the nation (Kopp, 2011). Comment by Lal: The sentence is not clear to me. Please rewrite the sentence including the ideas that you like to express in this sentence. Comment by Lal: You are listening many controlling ideas in this paragraph. Please take one at a time and elaborate it with details and explanation. Comment by Lal: Give the page number as well.

With reference to the way they treat people, republicans are a bit more pronounced with their concern for their people. They are considered to be more considerate and more equalized in the way they treat the people. With regard to social equalization, the republicans are deemed to be more considerate and fair by giving people equal chances and respecting their rights. In that sense therefore they uphold the concept of social integration with profound immunity and acceptance. They have open channels for everyone as far as human rights are concerned. The aspects of social classes and status do not have a major play with the republicans. They advocate for moral upholds and respect to what is deemed correct to be practiced. This is the reason why people willingly advocate for republicans (Ethridge, 2014). They fight for race free interactions between people and do not advocate for racial or class discrimination among the people. In general they can be termed to equally treat the people of the United States with profound equality and care as far as their rights and freedoms are concerned. Comment by Lal: How did you know these things? Have you read their manifestos? Comment by Lal: Give the page number as well.

On the other hand, democrats are deemed to be more inclined on social status and race as far as governance is concerned. Due to their liberalism cognition, they seem to be more compelled to bringing controversy between people with different believes about the issues presented in the society. Significantly, this has been seen in the advocacy for marriage rights and practices. There has been a general conflict brought about by the democrats concerning the marriage practice. This has greatly increased the aspect of discrimination and racial and classical consideration among the people in the United States. The reason for this is the different notions brought by the democrats about social morality as far as human rights practices are concerned. In that sensesense, therefore 9it can be noted that the democrats do not fully lead the society on peaceful grounds as social integration and acceptance is concerned. Even though they fight for free practice of human rights and expression they fail the nation by treating people with venom with regard to what they consider liberal movements (Newport, 2013). Comment by Lal: Are they democrats or republicans? Double check this information. Comment by Lal: Comment by Lal: Elaborate what you mean to say social status and race. Comment by Lal: Comment by Lal: I encourage you to give the page numbers even if you have summarized so that readers can find the source you have quoted and consulted if they like.

Investment motives between democrats and republicans are diversified. The democrats feature their investment considerations aimed at doing away with the minorities through infrastructure advancement. Their investment platforms advocates for rebuilding of institutions and schools that will help in visualizing the nation for the future as far as investment and developmental progression is concerned. In addition, they have major focus on energy and water and broadband platforms. They also focus their investment motives on curbing climatic conditions and therefore enabling the nation to be more productive with regard to land production. LastlyLastly, they strategize on tax exemptions whereby they advocate for an environment that will allow the minorities and less advantaged individuals to borrow loans to finance businesses and set up their own investments. On the other hand, republican’s main focus in investments is improving the business culture of the United States. They are contrasted in terms of investment with comparison to the democrats. Their investment motives are rebellious to the infrastructure pathway. In factfact, they are cutting out on the table funding of the infrastructure system with the aim of investing more in business, renovations and recreational platforms. They aim at improving the lives of the people by investing more on projects that will lower the cost of living of the people. In that context, they have moved with speed to eradicate taxes on gas and other related expenditures that make cost of living high for the Americans. Moreover, their investment considerations are propelled towards creating a platform that will encourage private and government corporate integration and partnering in investments (Slavenburg, 2012). This will see the country move forth with joint investment practices of the government and the private sector. Comment by Lal: Page number?

The republicans and the democrats have had a substantialive impacts on the society and the entire world as far as political practice is concerned. They credit party movements as getting people more involved in the political process and making the leadership more responsive to the views of the citizens. They have also stimulated a deep political division in many states in the world with the view of how the Americans operate. However, the practices of the two parties have aided in doing away with the tension felt between the state and the society in many nations due to the fierce fight for conservatism and liberalism. They have given the world a focus on what can be achieved with contrasting believes and common aims and forms. ThereforeTherefore, the two parties have had a much big play in the political practices of many nations across the world. They have helped in defining attitudes, beliefs and sentiments that give order and meaning to the political process for many nations. They have also helped in modifying the political ideals and polity operating norms that shape the political culture in subjective dimensions of politics (Kopp, 2011). Comment by Lal: Use the phrase that shows that you are concluding in this paragraph. Comment by Lal: Explain how they are influencing the political practices of the world. Comment by Lal: Give your own thoughts or comments. Also include page number if you like to cite.








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