Essay On Movie Iron Man



Name:Tai Xiong

Class: English 101

Date: October,16 2019


Part 1: Working Thesis Statement

In the last decade, Iron Man (2008) was a pivotal movie that creates connections with American historical moments. Although movie like the Capital American is also a heroism story, the background is the civil war, for targeting younger customers, civil war is not an attractive theme because the timeline is far away from that moment. A good film is able to mimic a particular reality that establishes and instructs in our lives, makes people believe those images are real, for example, the concept of capitalism in American (Schlender). The Iron Man took the other timeline from the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. By looking at the background of the story, it did not demonstrate in the movie but we can see it is happening in the area of middle-east, related to counter-terrorism. This is important because this scenario could connect with real-life events, which catches people’s attention at that moment. Comment by Microsoft Office User: This portion seems like background rather than a thesis statement. For the purposes of this assignment, you should have only had a few sentences (normally around 2) present in this section to write just your thesis statement. Comment by Microsoft Office User: Captain America? Comment by Microsoft Office User: World War II Comment by Microsoft Office User: Good point Comment by Microsoft Office User: You are missing a number of key elements to the thesis statement I have been discussing in relation to cultural/historical texts. You do not include any literary/auditory/visual devices, you link to the idea of counter-terrorism (a good theme), but do not make it clear the specific time period Iron Man was created within (2008, or post- 9/11 America. Counter-terrorism has been a major part of American foreign relations for the past two decades; however, it was something America had been a part of previously as well). Additionally, you do not make it clear if you are talking about American audiences specifically or worldwide audiences. You also use a lot of vague pronouns such as “it” in the first sentence and “this” in your second sentence.


Part 2: Cultural/Historical Context

In American history, the Iron Man Tony Stark originates from one of the most divisive periods, which is the time of the Cold War and the Vietnam War. In contrast, people think that the eastern war originated from the conflict of politics, the character iron man was not born for a superhero but a military incarnate, which is aligned more politically compare with other superheroes. In the original story, Iron Man acts under the government assistant to against the international threats, it is developing to become needed for a country. On the other hand, the creation of Iron Man (2008) is a representative to illustrate the miracle of technology advancement. Many high technologies included potential negative impacts, like a “pandora’s box,” people never know the possibilities of technology effects for the world. Tony Sstark as a savior under government, is not only a hero but a scientist who creates order from the chaotic possibilities (Roblcook). For example, the villain in Iron Man story may delivery the same idea in the reality of terrorism, the use of drones could be an example in the actual warfare. However, the negative impact from technology as I mentioned previously could be like robots hacked in the movie, but it did happen on the Iraqi militants. Therefore, iron man is delivering not only fictions but also more implications for reality (Choi). Comment by Microsoft Office User: You give a good cultural/historical context here; however, you do not connect it to how you believe this context will impact your argument as mentioned in your thesis above. Comment by Microsoft Office User: Good Comment by Microsoft Office User: Awkward phrasing Comment by Microsoft Office User: Good Comment by Microsoft Office User: Good point


Part 3: Annotated Bibliography

Source 1:

Schlender, Jenny. “Wealth, Power, American Dream, Iron Man”. Minds.Wisconsin.Edu, Comment by Microsoft Office User: This is not a scholarly source- it appears to be a student paper.

This source was written by Jenny Schlender from the University of Wisconsin, it discussed the connection between film and reality, related to American culture and history. I find this source is useful because it uses the example of Iron Man, analyze the American capitalist ideology and identify how this movie is reflected in the real-life circumstance.


Source 2:

Roblcook. “Iron Man: Real American Hero”. World Within Logos, 2013, Comment by Microsoft Office User: This is not a scholarly source, it appears to be a blog post of some kind.


The source is from 2013 written by Roblcook, this source mainly analyzes the character of Tony Stark from different perspectives, it is useful for my project because it did discuss the iron man influence from background, character personality, political implications, and technology innovation, which include most of the points that I would like to discuss further.


Source 3: Comment by Microsoft Office User: You only had to include two secondary sources within this assignment.

Choi, Charles. “‘Iron Man’ Is Fiction, But Tech Behind Him Is Not”. Msnbc.Com, 2010, Comment by Microsoft Office User: This is not a scholarly source, news outlets are popular sources.

This news was written by Charles Q. Choi in 2010, which indicates the technology illustrated in the movie Iron Man has a lot of applications in reality and it did take advantage of the actual concepts from physics. I find this website is useful for my project because it did provide some examples to demonstrate the Iron Man’s technology is effective in reality.

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