Informative Speech Outline


SPC 1017

Professor Higgs

31 July 2018

The Impact Social Media Is Having On Our Interpersonal Communication

I. Introduction A. “Social media should improve your life, not become your life” –Ritu

Ghatourey i. Credibility Statement

1. I searched through the Communication and Mass Media database and through the google search engine for about 3 hours in order to find articles that were both credible and informative. I also reviewed these articles several times to ensure they were providing the proper information I needed for this presentation.

ii. Thesis statement 1. This presentation is about how social media is

impacting our interpersonal communication and how we can manage our use of social media more effectively.

iii. Preview 1. I will be talking about how social media causes us to

spend more time on our devices than with those around us. I will then address how we can effectively balance between social media and the real world.

That being said, let’s begin with how,

II. Body A. Social media causes us to spend more time in our virtual worlds than

with people who are close to us. i. We are so “engrossed” in our virtual worlds we “Hardly find time to talk to those near and dear to us”. (Karin, 2012)

ii. We are actually starting to prefer communicating virtually than communicating face-to-face (Keller, 2013).

iii. “We don’t feel as personally connected to people at other end of our mobile devices as we do when we’re face to face” (Keller, 2013)

This brings me to my next point, B. There are a few ways to manage between social media and the real

world more effectively. i. A way to use mediated technology to maintain that face- to – face contact is using Skype or FaceTime to call a friend.





ii. Interpersonal communication is all about communicating on a personal level, “If you’re trying to get people together to do something, don’t be afraid to take initiative and ask” (Stenzel Clinical Services, 2015).


III. Conclusion

A. Social media is going to continue to impact our interpersonal communication and we will continue to have to find ways to manage the amount of time we spend on our devices.

B. So, that being said, “What consumes your mind, controls your life”- Anonymous. You have the ability to choose whether or not you want social media to have that power over your life.

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