Leadership Essay 1

INTRODUCTION ​144 ​TO LEADERSHIP ​6.3 O​BSERVATIONAL ​E​XERCISE Leadership Skills Purpose 1. ​To develop an understanding of different types of leadership skills 2. ​To examine how leadership skills affect a leader’s performance Directions 1. ​Your task in this exercise is to observe a leader and evaluate that person’s leadership skills. This leader can be a supervisor, a manager, a coach, a teacher, a fraternity or sorority officer, or anyone who has a position that involves leadership. 2. ​For each of the groups of skills listed below, write what you observed about this leader. Name of leader: Brenda Administrative skills Managing people: Weak Managing resources : Average Showing technical competence : Average Comment: These skills are the weakest for me because I am very shy. Interpersonal skills Being socially perceptive : Average Showing emotional intelligence : Very good Managing conflict : Good Comment: People always see the interpersonal skills in me when it comes to communication with others. Conceptual skills Problem solving :Good Strategic planning: Good Creating vision:Good Comment: Im definitely good at conceptual skills. Question

1. ​Based on your observations, what were the leader’s strengths and weaknesses? ​The leader’s strenght were conceptual and the weaknesses was administrative.



2. ​In what setting did this leadership example occur? Did the setting influence the kind of skills that the leader used?​ Yes, the setting influence the kind of skills that the leader used to find which one are the strengths and weakness.

3. ​If you were coaching this leader, what specific things would you tell this leader about how he or she could improve leadership skills? Discuss. ​I would tell the leader to improve more in administrative because I see how the person has a lack of poor of managing people in her job.




4. ​In another situation, do you think this leader would exhibit the same strengths and weaknesses? Discuss. ​I do not think the leader would exhibit the same strenghts and weaknesses because she will show more of what she really like in her life.

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