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Business Model and Strategic Plan Part II: SWOTT Analysis Paper


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Conduct an internal and external environmental analysis, and a supply


chain analysis for your new division at and its business model at E. I. duPont de Nemours & Company.




Create a SWOTT table summarizing your findings. Your environmental


analysis should consider, at a minimum, the following factors. For each


factor, identify the one primary Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat,


and Trend, and include it in your table. Factors:




External forces and trends considerations:


• Legal and regulatory


• Global


• Economic


• Technological


• Innovation


• Social


• Environmental


• Competitive analysis




 Internal forces and trends considerations:


• Strategy


• Structures


• Processes and systems


• Resources


• Goals


• Strategic capabilities


• Culture


• Technologies


• Innovations


• Intellectual property


• Leadership




Write a synopsis of no more than 1,050 words in which you analyze


relevant forces and trends from the list above. Your analysis must


include the following:




• Include economic and legal and regulatory forces and trends.


• Critique how well the organization adapts to change.


• Analyze and explain the supply chain of the new division of the


existing business. Share your plans to develop and leverage core


competencies and resources within the supply chain in an effort to


make a positive impact on the business model and the various




• Identify issues and/or opportunities:


• Identify the major issues and/or opportunities that the company


faces based on your analysis.


• Generate a hypothesis surrounding each issue and research


questions to use for conducting analysis.


• Identify the circumstances surrounding each issue; classify the


circumstances; attribute the importance of each classification; and test


the accuracy of the importance for each classification.




Format your paper consistent with NEW APA guidelines – – SEE ATTACHED for Template and Additional Information.




Must include CITATIONS – consistent with APA format.




Must use 2-3 References used for your External Analysis (research conducted on DuPont’s Competitors)




Must have a minimum of 5 References and a Reference Page consistent with APA format.     







Conceptualizing a New Product or Service Division

Robin B. McGarrah


September 24, 2014

Daniel Greene

University of Phoenix

Conceptualizing a New Product or Service Division

E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, also known as DuPont, is an American based company that primarily manufactures chemicals. Eleuthere Irenee du Pont founded the company in July 1802 purposely for producing gunpowder. Dupont is a world leader in using innovation and science to manufacture its products. It is currently diversifying to produce new products and provide additional services. The company is focused on ensuring safe environments by providing secure energy. The following are a few of the company’s specializations: manufacturer of performance materials such as films and polymers; manufacturer of agricultural and nutritional chemicals, such as fungicides, insecticide as well as plant foods that help in ensuring quality and quantity food supply globally. Other business sectors of DuPont include the manufacturing of performance coatings for motor vehicles, such as material used in paint and producing electronic and communication products such as printing system, displays, as well as inks. In addition, DuPont is highly involved in ensuring safety and protection in the workplace by offering products such as Tyvek, Kevlar, Corian, and others. However, the company is planning to open a new division in Johannesberg South Africa known as Power Protection and Safety Center. The new division will provide personal protection and safety equipments for both men and women that will be used in carrying out activities, such as operating a machine, handling hazards as well as the extreme cold.

The Concept

The Power Protection and Safety Center will operate in all its branches 24 hours a day, Monday through Saturday. The division will provide eye protection, body protection, hand protection, foot protection, face protection, and respiratory protection equipments, such as shoes, spray suits, dust coats, security jersy, cold room Eskimo suits, high visibility jackets, corporate or office wear, industrial overalls, and hivis vests. DuPont plans to connect with all manufacturing companies globally, to ensure safe working environments. The company will sell high quality personal and industry protective equipment for both men and women at a very reasonable price, thus creating a strong relationship with its customers. It will mostly specialize in timely delivery through reliable management. The customers will also enjoy online purchases through the company’s website and all VIP Showcases Events. The division will be operated as an outlet store, which will later become a distributor of the personal and the industry protective equipment for both men and women to the other regions such as rural areas.


The mission of the Power Protection and Safety Center is to provide quality, brand personal and industry protective equipments for both men and women at fair prices, in order to to ensure and maintain safe and conducive working environment for all self-employed workers and manufacturing industries in the Johannesberg City and its surroundings.


The Power Protection and Safety Center vision is to be Johannesberg’s number one company in ensuring safe and better working conditions for both men and women, as well establishing close relationship with its customers and vendors. The division will achieve the vision by ensuring timely delivery of personal and industry protective equipments for both men and women to the customers. The vision will also be guided by the company’s reliable administration.

Core Value

The company is guided by the following core values :

· Innovation, passion, Practice, Excellence, and Teamwork

· A long term vision, Equal opportunity and fair play in manufacturing safety and protective equipment

· Honesty and Integrity in its day to day dealings

· Competence and professionalism in managing the company

· Social responsibility in training and provision of necessary information on how to use the safety and protective equipments

Our Responsibilities to Our Customers

We understand that there are various chemicals, temperatures, gases, abrasive surfaces that affect the working condition of workers and lower their productivity. It is our responsibility to provide the best quality personal and industrial safety and protective equipment to our customers at the lowest possible prices. Therefore, to meet our customer needs, the following strategies will be followed:

· We will continuously review the company’s inventory and sales, in order to provide the necessary adjustments.

· It is our commitment to conduct more research about the possible hazards in the working places while designing the best safety and protective equipment that could ensure total protection.

· The division will also ensure high quality customer service and care at all time.

· It is the responsibilities of the division to provide brand safety and protective equipment of all parts of the body in order to ensure high quality protection in every type of work.

Product and Market Differentiation


The Power Protection and Safety Center will specialize in the importation and selling of brand safety and protective equipment of all parts of the body, which will ensure maximum protection despite the nature of the work. The line of quality will range from spray suits, riding suits, cold room Eskimo suits, hivis vests, security jersy, dustcoats, high visibility jackets, industrial overalls, as well as office wear.

Market Analysis Summary

The Power Protection and Safety Center highly esteemed customers will include, mining workers, manufacturing workers, automotive workers, engineering sectors, health sectors, cyclists, domestic workers, construction workers, building workers, and industrial workers. The safety and protective equipments will be used in foot, respiratory, hand, head, eye, and fall protection.

1. Riding suits

2. Security Jersy

3. Spray Suits

4. Dust coats

5. Industrial Overalls

6. High Visibility Jackets

Market Segmentation

The Power Protection and Safety Center market segmentation, targets all the local, regional and international clients through television and online marketing. The division expects 10 % sales from online marketing in the first year.

The Power Protection and Safety Center market analysis includes:

· The mining workers: the mining workers are highly exposed to falling objects, temperature extremes, heat, harmful dusts, vapors, particles, and others. The mining industry is very large in South Africa and it can spend $50 million per month on helmets and eye goggles to ensure head and eye protection respectively.

· The building workers: the building sector is highly growing and its workers are increasing. For instance, working in a new building, such as a tall building, may require the use of some head, body, and eye protective equipments. There are dropping stones, electric hazards, extreme temperatures as well as striking against hanging objects. Therefore, there is a need for the workers to wear necessary helmets, safety boots, hand gloves, and others. This sector will be able to spend over $60 million per month on personal protective equipments.

· The construction workers: construction workers are prone to dust, heat, sharp objects as well as stepping on stones. They will be able to spend on safety shoes, gloves, dustcoats, and overalls. Construction projects such as road construction are largely increasing; however, the sector can possibly spend $ 40 million per month on personal protective equipments.

· The Industrial workers: industrialization has greatly increased in South Africa and other countries of Africa. The Industry workers need to be protected from gases, extreme temperatures, chemical, sharp objects, electric hazards and others. This sector will be able to spend over $ 100 million per month on personal protective equipment.

· The domestic workers: domestic workers also need kitchen coats, gloves, Fisrt Aid kits and others. Such equipments can be used while cooking, cleaning the house as well as performing other manual tasks. The sector can spend almost $20 million per month on safety equipments.

· Others: workers such as tractor drivers, cyclists, footballers, and others can also use personal protective equipments in performing their duties. The sector can spend over $ 5 per month.

Pie Chart 1: Market Analysis


Target Market segment strategy

The Power Protection and Safety Center strategy of reaching the targeted customer will be facilitated by ad campaigns and promotions.

The following advertisement strategies will be applied:

· Company website

· Face Book and twitter pages

· Billboards

· Business Cards

· Newspapers

· Radio and Television

· Promotional items such as, T-shirts

· Word of mouth

Competitive Edge

The Power Protection and Safety Center will provide special offers to all its clients. The personal safety and protective equipments will be of high quality at low prices as compared with the other competitors.

Sale promotions will also be offered at monthly basis, and will include:

· Buy four, get one free

· Buy three, get one half price

· Every 100$ purchase, receive an additional 10 % off the next purchase

· A quarter off for every shoe of the previous season

The Power Protection and Safety Center Cultural, Social, and Ethics’ Assessment

The Power Protection and Safety Center‘s main attribute of the division culture will be creating independence among the employees in the workplace. The company will hire self-motivated individuals who will work better when there is no one to inspect their activities. The hierarchy in the division will almost be non-existent because vice presidents of the various divisions will assist the manager. Beyond that, there will be no more hierarchy and the manager will be interacting directly with employees. It will be possible for the manager to know the employees by their names, talents, interest, and so forth.

The lack of hierarchy will ensure that the decisions in the division will take little time to be made and communications intended for all employees will be delivered swiftly. Accountability will be an important element of the division’s culture, because every employee will be given a set of duties that will be required to be accomplished on time. The employees will be required to respect each other, as well helping each other when the need arises. All employees will be required to dress smartly and neatly in the division premises. Theft will not be encouraged within the division; any employee caught will have to face the charges. In the Power Protection and Safety Center‘scustomers will be well welcomed by being greeted by sales representatives. The sales representative will take further steps to assist them in shopping. They will also be offered a glass of juice to enjoy as they shop. There will be comfortable chairs for customers and a TV screen to keep them busy while the personal safety and protective equipments are packed. The division will highly use software in collecting the customers’ details, such as names, email addresses, postal addresses, as well as their phone numbers.


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