Wes Moore Journals

 I have 2 journals that need to be done.  Please read the description listed below carefully to understand the assignment. The book is The Other Wes Moore. By Wes Moore.  There are two folders listed below. The first folder contains Chater5,6. Seconds folder contains chapter 7,8

  • DEC 100 – Reflective Journal Response #3

    The Other Wes Moore Ch. 5 and 6 Journal Prompts


    The following is a list of questions related to the assigned reading in the novel, choose one or more of these prompts (or one of your own choosing) and write a reflective journal response (at least 350 words) using the chart that follows. You must include a quotation AND its location in the novel as part of your response. You will use the chart to complete the blog assignment



    Possible Journal Prompts:

    1. Throughout the book, we learn about the neighborhoods that both Wes Moore’s lived in. We also learn about their school, religious, and families communities. What role does your community or neighborhood play in supporting you?


    2. Do you think Wes’s brother, Tony, is a good role model? Why or why not? Who is your role model. What makes her/him a good role model?


    3. How would your life be different if you did not have the support of peers, parents/family, or your community? How would your life be different if you had additional support from peers. parents/family or your community?


    4. Do you believe, to an extent, other people’s decisions determine our destiny and fate throughout life? Why, or why not? Give examples.


    5. Does not having a father impact a) the choices both Weses made, and b) the mothers’ styles of raising their children?


    6. Do you think having “positive” role models as a child serves as a deterrent to a life of crime? Is what constitutes a “positive” role model the same for everyone or does it vary? Who are the people in your life that have a positive influence on you? Explain why they are important to you and your future.


    7. When Sergeant Austin gave Wes a map to escape from Valley Forge on page 91, did you think he was being a supportive peer? Did your opinion change after reading what happens on pages 92-93?




    Course AND section #:

    APA-style Reference entry for the novel



    Questions for reflection on the reading:

    Type in your chosen response question(s) or one of your own choosing here.



    Reflective Journal Response to the reading:
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