Aspects of the ethical argument

please make a reply of 200-250 words to this thread with two citations. When replying, try to address different aspects of the ethical argument with Bible integrations. Often, these situations are no

please make a reply of 200-250 words to this thread  with two citations. When replying, try to address different aspects of the ethical argument with Bible integrations. Often, these situations are not as black and white as they seem, particularly when responsibilities such as independence and confidentiality come into play.

  1. How would you respond to Coleman’s request? Be sure to cite research that supports your position.

I would inform Coleman that I would not be able to complete his request. Ethically and professionally, I could not conceal the stability of the building during a transaction I was handling. Per the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct, I have a responsibility to be professional in all matters. Section 0.300.040.03 states that a member is to be “honest and candid within the constraints of client confidentiality. Service and the public trust should not be subordinated to personal gain (2019).” I would inform Coleman if he still wanted me to remain silent regarding the stability of the building; I would have to remove myself from the transaction.

  1. What if you have already told the other side that the building is fine when you      learn about the problems?

Per AICPA professional code of conduct 0.300.020, “in carrying out their responsibilities as professionals, members should exercise sensitive professional and moral judgements in all their activities (2019).” I would inform Coleman that I had only done what I felt was morally right. I informed the other party about the stability of the building because it was the ethical and moral response. I was also relay to Coleman that if I had known the stability of the building was to be concealed; I would not have taken part of the transaction.

  1. What other potential ethics issues do you see in this situation?

I believe one primary ethical issue is ignoring the public interest. Per section 0.300.030.01, “members should accept the obligation to act in a way that will serve the public interest honor the public trust and demonstrate a commitment to professionalism (2019).” Per Jenkins, Popova and Sheldon (2018), “the public interest in accounting relates to protecting the business community, clients, shareholders, regulators, government, and society as a whole from (un)intentional harmful actions by members of the profession.” If I conceal the stability of the building by omission or a lie; I would be failing the public interest.  Other ethical issues are the lack of integrity, lack of professionalism and the lack of honesty.

  1. Which AICPA Code(s) of Professional Conduct rules apply in this situation (explain how and why they apply)?

The General Standard Rule applies to this situation. The General Standard Rule 1.300.001.01a-b covers this situation. A member is to act with professional competence and due professional care (2019). By concealing or lying about the stability of the building I would not be acting in a professional manner. Ignoring the stability of the building would not be practicing due professional care for my client and the public. “Due professional care requires auditors to carry out professional skepticism, of questioning mind Kertajasa et al. 2019).” Concealing the stability of the building would be failing in providing due professional care to both parties in the transaction.

  1. Cite the specific verse(s) for at least one Biblical principle that you feel is relevant to the situation (explain how and why it applies).

I feel that Matthew 7:12 is the most relevant verse to this situation. “In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you, for this is the Law and the Prophets (2012).” Aa a professional and a Christian, I cannot withhold important information that could affect the well-being of the buyer or their company. The simple truth is I would not want to be treated that way. And that type of behavior would not be very Godly.

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