List and describe ways in which you could inc rease the justice perceptions of: procedural

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OBR 250 Assignment : I have been appointed as Chief of Staff to the CEO of Xerox (Mark – 25% of the course) Due August 3 , 2022 at 7pm EST . Submit through Blackboard What you will need to work on this assignment: 1. An understanding of the key concepts of Chapters 1 -8 2. Referencing the textbook, in -class power point presentations and your notes. (No other sources are allowed. You must not refer to the internet) 3. Motivation – Key for success: The case of Xerox (textbook page 103) 4. The rubric attached to ensure that you meet the standards required to maximise your marks The assignment You have been hired as Chief of Staff by Anne Mulcahy, CEO of Xerox and then rema ined as Chief of Staff to Ursula Burns. You have an overview of the company (as detailed in the case Section 6.5 of the textbook ) and you are asked to provide thought lea dership and direction on the following: You are skilled in the concepts as detailed in Chapters 1 -8 and must refer to these concepts as you brief the CEO. Write up the responses in one document with a maximum of 10 pages (single spaced, with appropriate paragraph spacing, Times New Roman 12 font) containing: i. A title page with your name . The title page is NOT included as one of your 10 pages. (Please do not put any other name other than what is yo ur registered name) ii. The case questions followed by answers to each of the case questions, using full sentences, proper grammar, and spelli ng. Be sure to tie all answers back to concepts, theories, and processes learned in class. Visuals may be used citing sources. iii. A work -cited page using formatting to cite the course text, lectures, visuals and notes . Lectures and class notes can be cited by using the following format: Rau , 2021, [insert date of lecture or refer to the chapter you are referring to] iv. You must highlight all key words that refer to the concepts taught. You may lose marks if you do not do so. Each question is valued at 5 marks and upon evaluation, it will be pro -rated to 25 marks 1. What are the challenges of managing Xerox – a global workplace with diverse demographics and diversity? How would you propose addressing them? 2. How should Xerox assess person -job fit when hiring? What methods do you advise the CEO to adopt to ensure that the right personality profiles are hired? 3. You have learnt that there are 8 key factors that contribute to job satisfaction and organizational commitment.? How will you approach these? What will be the effect on organizational citizenship behaviours? 4. You h ave , over your career , successfully used the 5 theories of motivation in various circumstances. Which of these theories or a selection of these theories would you adopt for Xerox? Share your reasoning for this. 5. List and describe ways in which you could inc rease the justice perceptions of: procedural, interactional and distributive justices to ensure company wide motivation? 6. As you are aware, Xerox sells print and digital document products and services in more than 160 countries and with 130,00 employees. H ow would you propose that the company uses the job characteristic model and its five dimensions to improve outcomes?

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