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Essay Topic Choices (Choose One) Essay must be submitted by the due date (see Calendar) into the Essay Submission drop box. Do not email essays. Late assignments are not accepted. 200 points ·

Essay Topic Choices (Choose One)

Essay must be submitted by the due date (see Calendar) into the Essay Submission drop box. Do not email essays. Late assignments are not accepted.

200 points

·         Essay topic answered completely and all aspects of the topic addressed thoroughly.

·         8 – 10 pages, excluding title page and references page.

·         Essay is written in your own words (no more than 20% matching quotes) for this course. UTPB scholastic dishonesty

·         In-text citations for 6 or more current (2006-2016) references.

150 points

Scholarly references less than 10 years old:

·         4 sociological journal references (from approved journals listed)

·         2 sources of your choice (still must be scholarly) such as book or website.

10 points

Title page has all required elements and formatting:

·         Your Name

·         My Name

·         Course Name & Number (Political Sociology: SOCI4324.793)

·         Term (Fall 2016)

·         Institution: UTPB

·         Essay topic: example – Module 2: Institutional Power

40 points

Follows ASA format in all aspects, including:

·         1” margins, 12’ Times New Roman font. double spaced (and “0” before/after spacing), proper in-text citations and reference formatting.

Choose one topic from the list below. Review the essay topic carefully and answer the topic as presented.

Review the Essay Grade Rubric and Instructions in your syllabus.

Please be aware the “Essay Submission” contains a plagiarism tool that will scan your document.

The essay submission is due on the date posted in your Course Calendar. You are highly encouraged to submit your essay 1-2 days prior to the due date to allow for any unforeseen or technical complications.

Only submit ONE essay document. Make sure you upload your final and complete essay. Do not submit a draft or only a cover page.

Late essays are not accepted. Emailed essays will only be considered if they are submitted to the INBOX before the deadline AND include a Help desk message that is also date stamped before the due date.

Essay Topics (Choose one)

Essay Topic Lesson 1 – Politics, Business and Society

Choose one of the following topics and discuss the intersectionality of politics, business and society.

  • Prisoners
  • Poverty and human rights
  • Refugee and Migrant rights
  • Corporate Accountability

Essay Topic Lesson 2 – Institutional Power

Power is concentrated in the institutions of the state, corporate economy, and the military. Choose one institution and research changing power structures (i.e. women in the military).

Essay Topic Lesson 3 – Social Media

Social media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs) have changed the tight control of media by elites. Research one social or political issue and write an essay on what influences social media has had on the situation, event, place, issue or elite person or organization.

Essay Topic Lesson 4 – Political participation

Identify two public figures and compare and contrast their involvement in political participation and voting on either a local, state or national level.

Essay Topic Lesson 5 – Social Inequality and Social Change

Social inequality and conflict can be caused by the inability of the majority to band together for political action. In The Immoral Minority,  a blogger claims the citizens of Wasilla AK are unable to counter the political influence of famous Wasillian, Sarah Palin.

Outline an example of a social inequality that was suffered through the inability of a group to affect political action; or an example of a group that was able to band together and affect social change. Your example can from an international, national, regional, state or local group.

Essay Topic Lesson 6 – Context of a Social Movement

Create your own social movement. Describe the following elements in your organization: ideology, strategy, tactics, social base, geographic scope, exclusiveness, structure, process and leadership.

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