Combining multiple documents into one PDF file You can quickly merge several documents into a single PDF file, with the documents appearing in the order you choose. 1. Prepare the documents. Make sure you’ve made final edits and saved the files you want to combine. 2. Select the documents. In Adobe® Acrobat® Pro, choose File > Create > Combine Files Into A Single PDF. Make sure Single PDF is selected in the upper-right corner. Then, click Add Files, and choose Add Files or Add Folders. Select the files you want to combine, and click Add Files. You can combine PDF files, Microsoft® Word documents, Adobe InDesign® files, Microsoft Excel files, and files of just about any other format, in any combination.

Select the files, in any formats, that you want to combine. 3. Arrange the files. In the Combine Files dialog box, rearrange the files so that they are listed in the order you want them to appear in the final PDF file. You can just drag a file to its new location, or select it and click Move Up or Move Down until it’s in the proper place.

Drag files to change their order in the final document. Tip: If you want to include only some of the pages in a document, select it and click Choose Pages. Then, select the pages you want to include.





4. Select a file size.

The file size determines the file quality. Acrobat will convert all the files to PDF. Select a file size in the lower-right corner to determine the file quality. If you’re planning to distribute the final PDF document for online viewing, select the small file size. If you expect to print it professionally, select the large file size. For most purposes, the default file size is fine. Tip: If you want to include bookmarks or accessibility features, click Options and select the options you want to apply. 5. Combine the files. Click Combine Files. Acrobat converts any files that aren’t already PDF files, and then combines them into a single PDF file. When prompted, name the resulting PDF file and select a location for it. Next Steps:

Share the PDF document through email. Distribute the document for review. Archive the document.



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