5-2 Final Project Milestone Three: Wellness, You, and Society T’Erica Huff Southern New Hampshire University


What is Wellness?


Wellness is a process in which persons become aware of the different choices they make towards having both a healthy and a fulfilled lifestyle (Hale, Ricotta, Freed, Smith, & Huang, 2019).




The viral disease immensely damages the immune system of human beings. HIV/AIDs interfere with the wellness of a person by attacking and weakening a particular cell of the immune system in the body, referred to as the CD4 helper cells.

When the CD4 cells are destroyed, the body finds it difficult to fight other infections; thus, when the disease is not treated, minor illnesses such as cold become severe when they attack an infected person.



It is believed that the issue originated to human beings from chimps in what is now referred to as the Democratic Republic of Congo (Hogg, et al., 2017). They believed this came about as a result of the chimps carrying the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus, one that closely relates to HIV.


The Global AIDs Epidemic is a Global Issue Related to Wellness.





Negatively impacts society by devastating the lives of individuals, communities, and even families. Most children have been left orphans due to the epidemic. Additionally, both the community and village life have been disrupted, thus immensely contributing to the erosion of both economic growth and civil order (Hogg et al., 2017). On the other hand, society also impacts the HIV issue by stigmatizing the affected individuals.

Stigmatization worsens the effects of HIV/AIDs since it hinders the treatment and prevention of HIV.




People who are taking HIV medicines tend to live longer than the other unaffected ones despite the visible changes in body appearance and shape. However, the wellness issue can affect me are of study by immensely influencing my motivation and behavior to act since the environment of an individual can likely influence their mood (Hale, Ricotta, Freed, Smith, & Huang, 2019). Additionally, studying wellness immensely enhances my proper engagement with society. As such, wellness can be addressed in the day-to-day responsibilities by exercising and having a proper diet, tackling stress head-on, and setting achievable goals.


The Wellness Issue Did Not Alter My Perception of the World

Wellness is crucial since understanding an individual’s physical health aids in developing balanced physical wellness. When an individual takes root to physical wellness, they are likely to know how their body physical performs and be able to connect to how they mentally feel.



The misconception is HIV/AIDS can be transmitted by just about anything which in fact is false. The chart above shows it is okay to touch (which seems to be the biggest misconception of contracting the virus) someone who is diagnosed with the virus. It is imperative that not only the ones who are dealing with the virus does their research but everyone else does it as well to avoid spreading the negative connotation that comes along with virus.






In conclusion, the benefits of addressing the wellness issue include the reduction in the number of early deaths due to HIV/AIDs, thus making more children enjoy parental care. Addressing the issue can be made possible by creating awareness among persons on the HIV epidemic. On the other hand, the challenges of addressing such issues will be increased stigmatization whereby most affected individuals will be discriminated against in society. Critically analyzing wellness is also essential since it aids individuals in the understanding of both global and social issues, which enables persons to understand society better.







Hale, A., Ricotta, D., Freed, J., Smith, C., & Huang, G. (2019). Adapting Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs As A Framework For Resident Wellness. Teaching and Learning in Medicine, 109-118.

Hogg, R., Nkala, B., Dietrich, J., Collins, A., Closson, K., Cui, Z., Miller, C. (2017). Conspiracy Beliefs and Knowledge about HIV Origins Among Adolescents in Soweto, South Africa. PLOS ONE.



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