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M05 Discussion: Process Speech Topic Report & Introduction

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This is where you will get your topic for the Process speech approved by your instructor. You MUST have your topic approved BEFORE you may submit your speech, therefore if you decide later to change your topic after it has been approved, you should contact your instructor for approval for the new topic.

Respond to this Discussion and copy and paste the following prompts into your response so you can be sure to provide all the required information. Be sure to respond to 2 classmates as well.


Rationale: (why did you choose this topic?)

General Purpose: To inform.

Specific Purpose:

Central Idea:

Ideas for MAIN POINTS (at least three):






Ideas for VISUAL AIDS:


Chapter 10 talks about the 4 components required for an introduction. Create your introduction in full below, including each of the 4 components. This is just a draft and may change later as you develop the rest of your speech, but this will show your instructor you know what goes in the introduction and will be a great starting point for you. The 4 components of an introduction that yours should include are:

1. Gain the attention and interest of your audience.

2. Reveal your topic and motivate your audience to listen to your speech.

3. Clearly establish your credibility (tell your audience why and how you know about your subject – talk about personal experience, research, etc.)

4. Preview the main points of your speech (list them out here before you begin).

Draft Introduction:




M06 Discussion: Sample Speech – TED Talk by Sarah Kay – “If I Should Have a Daughter”



After watching the video, respond to this Discussion and answer the following questions:

1. What was the speaker’s specific purpose, as you understood it?

2. What was the speaker’s central idea, as you understood it?

3. Who was her target audience?

4. What did the speaker do to adapt to the audience and the occasion?

5. What organizational pattern did the speaker use for his/her main points?

6. What parts of a formal introduction did this speaker do? How did she accomplish this? (Gain attention, motivate the audience to listen, establish credibility, and preview the body).

7. What was the most notable strength and weakness of the organization and content?

8. What were the most effective aspects of the speaker’s delivery?

9. What were the weaknesses of the speaker’s delivery?

10. Did the speaker use any visual aids? If so, were they used effectively? Did they help to get the message across more clearly? Explain.

11. What evidence did the speaker offer to support his/her points?

12. Overall, how would you evaluate the effectiveness of the speech?

13. From this speaker, what did you learn that can help you improve your speeches?

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