Explain the concept of information stores

1. Explain

1. Explain the concept of information stores. Why is an understanding of how different clients store messaging information critical to the success of an email search? Write your answer using a WORD do

Computer Forensics

Sinduja Bandela

New England College


Computer forensics is imperative in the contemporary society in solving business challenges that are experienced by supermarkets. Metadata in computer forensics is helpful in the elimination of the loss of funds to unethical cashiers in supermarkets. Most supermarkets have lost funds to cashiers due to lack of digitized payment systems that automatically save intricate details of every transaction. These details include the cashier’s user ID, the product purchased, amount received per product, time of each transaction and the total cash collections. Digitizing the payment systems is important to supermarkets for the elimination of the challenge of losing funds to cashiers. Moreover, the supermarkets will enjoy other benefits like stock control through the metadata collected. It is easy to manage the stock, know when to order and control other problems like product information mismatch that will be collected by the system during payments. The PC-produced information will be contrasted and the rack inventories during the standard stocktaking to recognize and eliminate any anomalies in pricing.

s of an email search? Write your answer using a WORD do

1. Explain how cookies can show that a user has visited a site if that user’s history has been deleted.Optional: install Windows Historian and see the sites visited by a particular user. Use your own words.

2. Final Project Material: (Topic is in the attached abstract document).

Final Paper including references (3 to 4 pages)

Power point presentation (10 Slides) including references.

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