INFORMATION FOR PRIORITISING IMAGE/BRAND DECISIONS Word limit: 3000 words (EXCLUDING the reference list) Assignment description Business managers do not perform the actual primary data collection, but


Word limit: 3000 words (EXCLUDING the reference list)

Assignment description

Business managers do not perform the actual primary data collection, but they do frequently commission and oversee business research projects, as well as interpret data and make decisions based on research findings.

The assignment requires you to consider the research process and decision making associated with brand evaluation that we have covered in the unit. This is a very relevant topic since branding is one of the most important aspects of contemporary business. The assignment is to be written from the perspective of one of the providers in the AUSTRALIAN HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY.

NB – Please do not conduct any primary data collection, rather just consider the research design and process involved in branding research from the business manager’s perspective. For this assignment you need to read around the subject of branding and branding research – guided reading lesson 6 is a good starting point.


This assignment will get you thinking about and develop your appreciation of the application of research in brand building. This assignment asks you to perform the same tasks undertaken by business managers and requires you to set clear research objectives; consider the strategic role of the research and the type of information expected, as well as outline the key methodological considerations relating to the BHT (Brand Health Tracking).

The assignment will also help develop skills in desk research (library and Internet search), collating, presenting and interpreting information in a concise manner, as well as accurate referencing.

How to structure your writing

·         Cover page – Please include a cover page containing the title; student name(s) and ID number (s); date & total word count (excluding title and reference list).

·         Introduction – Write about 150 words. In your introduction specify your chosen research area and discuss the significance of branding and the BHT in business. Outline the structure of your essay.

·         Business & research objective(s) – In 200 words discuss the business objectives and the specific research objectives of the BHT.

·         Information required to fulfil the research objectives – (approx. 1000 words) In this section you need to clearly show the type of output you would expect and explain its potential role for informing brand decision making. (NB you are not required to conduct any primary research). To do this effectively you should include description of the information to be collected and provide examples of expected research output – clearly describing how it can be interpreted to assist the company decision making.

·         Describe the research design in relation to your chosen approach – (approx. 1000 words) Include a brief description of the preferred data collection approach with rationale and relate the key methodological considerations specific to the BHT and your recommended method.

·         Conclusion – About 150 words summing up the topic and the importance the approach.

·         Word limit – There is a considerable amount to cover, so it is important that you clearly introduce the focus of your assignment and then write clearly and concisely within the specified word limit. at the end of each section please state the number of words you have used. Word limit – at the end of each section state the number of words you have used. At the start of the assignment please also indicate the total number of words, which should not exceed 3000 words.

·         Finally insert your ‘References’ list using a recognized referencing format such as APA or Harvard – (For example, the ‘Harvard quick guide’ provides a useful summary

·         For this assignment it is anticipated that you will use a minimum of ten different references that include relevant journal articles.

·         Please write in a professional manner with a clear structure and appropriate headings, properly spell checked, and proof read.

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