Biology Case Study


  1. SCIENCE:  what exactly happened genetically (do not list symptoms) to the the first generation women when they were given the DES?   EXPLAIN.


  1.  LEGAL :  could any of these groups  SUE?

which ones?
WHAT SHOULD the argument be if they sue?
Who would  win? WHY?
What should the settlement be (not just money)?
What group should have stepped in and stopped this? and HOW?

  1. ETHICAL: Were the doctors who gave this to women responsible for what happened to them and subsequent generations?  WHY or WHY NOT?
  2. Why did these women take an unknown substance?
  3. This has happened very few times in medical history.  Find one example that has happened recently and tell me about it
  4. A new area of genetics called EPIGENETICS (page 134) has recently given an explanation about what might have happened.  What is epigenetics and how does it fit into the case?


  1.  future of DES.  Do you think this could go on for many generations in the future.  EXPLAIN.

8 find a family  that has been affected by DES and write their story.

  1. the worst thing about this is it will follow generations and we aren’t sure how it will affect them. Look at the chart and make a prediction what you think happen in the future.

There is a chart, reading and information about all generations on page 141 but the questions above need research to answer, and I am attaching it here.

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