TOPIC: NURSING SHORTAGEDescribe your selected policy and discuss the rationale for your selection. Describe the model of policy making that you feel would be best applied to your policy issue and the rationale for selecting this model.*To meet this outcome you will each be describing the policy that you want to see implemented. What topic does it cover? Why is this issue/concern and policy a priority to you? What population will benefit? Which policymaker are you planning on meeting with? Each of you will have the opportunity to describe the rationale for picking this policymaker and the model of policy making you feel would best to apply to your policy issue.*Remember that you need to pick a topic that allows you to actually meet with the policymaker and present your plan of action to. You won’t want to concentrate on a policy that doesn’t allow for this one-on-one meeting that is required.*The policy priority must be at the community (local), state, national or even international level. A policy related to your work setting does not meet the assignment requirements.

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