What is art about and art and why does psychoanalysis lead to it?

This is not an essay. Define the terms in 1-2 sentences or comment on the topic in 1-5(max) sentences. Key points, straightforward and concise.
Art about Art and the Art/Dream Analogy (Topic Guideline)
1. Describe the analogy between the mind creating a dream and the artist creating an artwork.
2. What is art about and art and why does psychoanalysis lead to it?
3. Describe an example of an artwork that highlights the relation between an artistic illusion created by the piece considered as representation, and the physical reality of the artwork considered as an object. What does this theme of modernism have to do with psychoanalysis?
The Spread of Psychoanalysis (Topic Guideline)
1. Modern dance
2. Mary Wigman
3. Sophie Taeuber Arp’s The Stag King (1918)
4. Nonverbal movement therapy
5. Automatic writing such as Breton and Phillipe Soupault’s “Les champs magnetique”
6. The debate about whether realism or abstraction was the best style in which to represent a dream
7. The analogy of a film to a dream
8. The argument that both films and dreams are primarily visual (as opposed to being verbal)
9. Compare and contrast Freud and breton’s view of how dreams should be used (what were the goals of the two men regarding dreams?)
10. Janet’s tole in French psychiatry of the Surrealist era (1920s-30s)
11. Breton’s “Nadja”

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