What kinds of relationships are most valuable for finding new business?

please read all the attached files and answer the below questions and number each answer according to the related question.
In this case we will discuss how Hale & Dorr (now known as Wilmer Hale after the merger) leverages the existing networks of their attorneys.
Ultimately, we want to think about what kind of networks are most valuable to the firm and how the firm might go about creating these valuable networks.
In preparing for the discussion, please think about the following questions:
1) What is the firm ́s current sales strategy?
2) How does this relate to the buying process for legal services?
3) What are the main criteria for purchase?
4) How does one meet these criteria?
5) What role do relationships -among and between attorneys, clients, prospects and
others- play in the sales strategy?
6) What kinds of relationships are most valuable for finding new business?
7) Note the difference among the three set of “stories” that Lee heard. Burgess,
Sherman and O ́Reilly present very different views of selling or business development. Given that they are each representative of their practice area, what do they suggest about the source of leads and future projects?
8) What do you think about the “cross industry teams” that Lee mentions at the end of the case? How would this compare with a key account program?

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